Majority of Tanglin Halt Sers households moving to Dawson have collected keys to new homes

28/5/2022 2:41:00 PM

Majority of Tanglin Halt Sers households moving to Dawson have collected keys to new homes

Copy to clipboard https://str.expansion of Woodlands Checkpoint said they are shocked about having to move out by the end of 2028, adding that they have grown fond of the neighbourhood.Copy to clipboard https://str.At least nine people were killed in shelling of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city, raising fears that Russia had not lost interest in the northeastern hub even after Ukraine managed to take back control.

sg/w2XL SINGAPORE - Almost all the households in Tanglin Halt - one of Singapore's oldest housing estates - that opted for replacement homes in Dawson have collected keys to their flats.Tanglin Halt estate was identified for the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers) in 2014, and residents were offered two- to five-room units in five replacement sites in Dawson estate, which is also in Queenstown.The authorities announced on Thursday (May 26) that these nine Housing and Development Board (HDB) blocks will be acquired as part of the expansion, aimed at better alleviating congestion and reducing travel time amid a projected increase in traffic across the Causeway.About 74 per cent, or 2,577, of the 3,480 households have booked replacement flats in Dawson as at April 30, the Housing Board said on Saturday (May 28).Examples of such house-brand items are rice, oil, bread, detergent and diapers.Some 2,500 households have collected the keys, with the initial batch of residents getting theirs for homes in SkyParc @ Dawson, Dawson Vista and Forfar Heights from December 2019.Owners of the sold flats will be compensated based on the market value of their unit as at the date of acquisition.The relocation is the biggest Sers exercise to date, with a total of 31 Tanglin Halt blocks coming under the scheme."Russia is pressuring the Severodonetsk pocket although Ukraine retains control of multiple defended sectors, denying Russia full control of the Donbas," the British defence ministry said in its latest briefing.

This involved 3,480 flats, and about 200 market and hawker stalls, shops and eating houses from two markets and food centres and seven commercial blocks.The residents will be prioritised for about 1,100 new replacement flats at Woodlands Street 13, expected to be built by the fourth quarter of 2027."I think now we cannot for a moment, take for granted the food we have on our table, the amenities and the household supplies.Former and departing residents and tenants of the estate came together at an event to bid goodbye to Tanglin Halt on Saturday, with performances and activities to celebrate the memories made over the district's 50-year history.About 17 per cent of the households that selected a flat in Dawson opted for a unit under the Joint Selection Scheme.Eligible flat owners may receive a Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) grant of up to S$30,000 and take out a housing loan from HDB for the purchase of their new flat.This scheme allows residents to select replacement flats together with their neighbours should they wish to continue living near one another.Our management and staff look forward to schedule future orders.Up to six households can request to jointly select their flats, with selection appointments scheduled one after another so that they have a better chance of getting a unit as near to one another as possible.Many said they would also consider moving to other HDB developments, beyond the ones at Woodlands Street 13.Lugansk regional governor Sergiy Gaiday said in a video on Telegram that at least five civilians had been killed in his region — part of Donbas — in the last 24 hours alone.

Built in 1962, Tanglin Halt is one of the first five estates of Queenstown - Singapore's first satellite town.Government agencies are studying ways to capture the history and heritage of the area, such as the reuse or retention of key heritage elements.Some residents were seen discussing the development with each other at the common areas as HDB officers went around the neighbourhood pulling trolleys of information booklets.This followed the inking of a MOU between the SG Cares Office and the Professional Engineers Board (PEB) on Friday.This includes the possible integration of elements from old Tanglin Halt into the communal spaces of the redeveloped estate through street furniture and murals.More On This Topic.He said he had intended to stay at the four-room corner flat for the rest of his life so his three children could inherit it in the future.

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