Maid jailed 4 months for pinching terminally ill elderly woman


Maid jailed 4 months for pinching terminally ill elderly woman

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Man jailed four months for lifting young stepson by the neck, slamming him onto clothes pileSINGAPORE — He thought that his eight-year-old stepson was staring at him, so he grabbed the boy by the neck, lifted him up and slammed him down onto a nearby pile of clothes.

Man jailed for lifting 8-year-old stepson by the neck, slamming him down over 'staring' incidentSINGAPORE: A 28-year-old man was sentenced to four months' jail on Tuesday (Sep 10) for lifting his eight-year-old stepson by the neck and ...

Turkish court sentences Barcelona's Turan to jail over nightclub fightBarcelona midfielder Arda Turan, currently on loan with Turkish club Basaksehir, was sentenced to two years and eight months in jail for firing a ...

E-scooter rider jailed after crashing into womanRiding his e-scooter with a cigarette in one hand, Tan Gim Moh cut into an adjacent pathway without slowing down. Trying to avoid pedestrians who were walking on the bicycle lane he was on, he knocked into part-time sales executive Tan Peck Lay from behind, causing her to...

Man who grabbed stepson by neck and slammed him down jailed 4 monthsSINGAPORE — Irritated by his eight-year-old stepson for supposedly staring at him, a man lifted the boy by the neck and slammed him down.

E-scooter rider jailed for crashing into woman; another fined for startling woman who fell, hit headSINGAPORE — In separate cases, two men who caused bone fractures to pedestrians while riding their electric scooters on shared paths were dealt with in court on Wednesday (Sept 11) — with one getting time behind bars, and the other a fine.

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