Court, Crime

Court, Crime

Lorry driver in altercation with cyclist says he swerved to avoid taxi, did not hit cyclist

Lorry driver in altercation with cyclist says he swerved to avoid taxi, did not hit cyclist


Lorry driver in altercation with cyclist says he swerved to avoid taxi, did not hit cyclist

SINGAPORE: A lorry driver in an altercation with a cyclist had swerved to avoid a taxi, and did not injure the cyclist, his defence lawyer claimed ...

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The trial opened on Monday with a series of witnesses taking the stand, beginning with traffic police investigation officer Tan Jun Yan.

Mr Tan acknowledged hearing this version of events from Teo.

The lawyer added that there was"never any physical contact between the lorry and the bicycle", with the cyclist managing to jump off his bike, but Mr Tan said this was his first time hearing this.

The woman, Ms Yvonne Lim Yi Wen, said the lorry had initially sounded its horn at her vehicle, as the driver"thought we were hogging the road".

Teo's lawyer said his client had driven off as he thought Cheung was not injured, and also because Cheung had no particulars on him, or"did not want to exchange particulars".

Cheung, who was also charged over the case, is expected to take the stand on Tuesday afternoon. He was fined S$2,800 in April for mischief and not cycling in an orderly and careful manner.

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