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LIVE: #GE2020: Singapore Votes 2020 – The Political Debate (English)

#GE2020: LIVE: #GE2020: Singapore Votes 2020 – The Political Debate (English)

1/7/2020 3:01:00 PM

GE2020: LIVE: GE2020: Singapore Votes 2020 – The Political Debate (English)

Seven candidates from the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP), Progress Singapore Party (PSP), the Workers’ Party (WP), and Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) will debate live on national TV in English and Mandarin on Wednesday (1 July) evening.

These parties have been invited to participate in the debate as they are fielding the most number of candidates at the general election (GE) on 10 July. The PAP, PSP, WP, and SDP are fielding 93, 24, 21, and 11 candidates respectively. Read more: Yahoo Singapore »

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