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'Let the data speak for itself': Malaysian minister on transboundary haze from Indonesia

'Let the data speak for itself': Malaysian minister on transboundary haze from Indonesia

12/9/2019 8:24:00 AM

'Let the data speak for itself': Malaysia n minister on transboundary haze from Indonesia

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia 's environment minister Yeo Bee Yin refuted her Indonesia n counterpart's claims that Malaysia was hiding facts regarding the ...

regarding the current haze situation.In a Facebook post on Wednesday (Sep 11), she said data clearly indicated that the haze shrouding parts of Malaysia originated from Indonesia.Advertisement"Let the data speak for itself," she said.Advertisement

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READ: Malaysia sends half a million face masks to haze-hit Sarawak as 409 schools closeMdm Yeo's post came after Indonesia's Environmental Affairs and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar accused Malaysia of not revealing the full picture of its haze problem, adding that smog affecting Malaysia could have been caused by forest fires in its own country.

She also dismissed claims that smog was travelling from Riau to Singapore.In her post, Mdm Yeo shared information published by the Singapore-based ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre, which showed 474 hotspots in Kalimantan and 387 hotspots in Sumatera on Tuesday.

By comparison, there was just seven hotspots in the whole of Malaysia.Daily hotspot count. (Graphic: ASMC)"As for her claim that the haze is from Sarawak, just look at the wind direction. How is it logically possible?" said Mdm Yeo."Minister Siti Nurbaya should not be in denial," she added.

Wind direction and hotspots in Indonesia and Malaysia. (Graphic: ASMC)The unhealthy air levels persisted on Thursday in Malaysia, with three schools in Klang, Selangor, ordered to close.Singapore's National Environment Agency has alsomay enter the unhealthy range if the haze situation in Indonesia's Sumatra persists or worsens.

DIPLOMATIC NOTE"NOT A PROTEST LETTER"Indonesia's neighbours have regularly complained about smog caused by its forest blazes, which are often started to clear land for palm oil and pulp plantations. Read more: CNA »

Malaysia minister Yeo Bee Yin slams Indonesia's denial of haze: The facts speak for itselfPETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Energy, Science, Technology, Environment , and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin says that data clearly shows that Indonesia is responsible for the haze in the country.. Read more at

Indonesia says it's not to blame for Malaysian hazeJAKARTA (DPA) - Haze that has blanketed parts of Malaysia and forced the closure of schools came from forest fire s in that country, and not from Indonesia , the government in Jakarta said on Wednesday (Sept 11).. Read more at True. It's on private land..owned by malaysian companies... It's OUR phucking problem!!

Malaysians lament on social media as air quality deteriorates due to hazePETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK, AFP) - Malaysia ns have taken to social media to lament about how the haze is affecting them as air quality continued to worsen due to transboundary haze blanketing parts of Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak in Borneo island.. Read more at

Malaysia not transparent about its own forest fires, says Indonesian ministerJAKARTA: Haze that has been shrouding parts of Malaysia did not entirely originate from Indonesia , the archipelago’s Environment al Affairs and ...

Singapore's air quality may enter 'unhealthy' range amid increase in Indonesia hotspots: NEASINGAPORE: The Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) in Singapore may enter the unhealthy range if the haze situation in Indonesia 's Sumatra persists or ...

Indonesia accuses Malaysia of haze cover-up Malaysia is trying to absolve itself of blame over the haze. That is what Indonesia 's Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar seemed to be implying when she accused Malaysia of not revealing certain information about the haze. In a report in Antara... Lol. This is like when a robber accuse you of theft, after stealing ur belongings