Let down by rich and failing the poor, global vaccine scheme Covax to be shaken up

24/6/2021 3:01:00 AM

Let down by rich and failing the poor, global vaccine scheme Covax to be shaken up

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Govt to review Covid-19 restrictions in early August; any easing to be only for fully vaccinated persons: Lawrence Wong

SINGAPORE — The overall Covid-19 situation in Singapore will be reviewed in early August and if clusters are under control and hospitalisation rates remain low, restriction measures will be eased.

Some Singapore private healthcare firms considering importing more vaccines as demand for non-mRNA vaccines soarsSINGAPORE: At least two private healthcare institutions are considering bringing in more vaccines, including China's Sinovac and Sinopharm shots, ... Concern about mRNA? Nah! Why not try also AstraZeneca With only 5 million people on a small piece of land it's bewildering that vaccination is not yet complete. Sinovac vaccines aren’t as effective as the others. If the delta variant spread becomes uncontrollable there must be a plan to put these Sinovac folks away so that they do not end up infecting the vulnerables. The country’s economy has to open up fully and soon.

New Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine in Singapore is made in same way as Pfizer-BioNTechThe Comirnaty vaccines are manufactured according to the same processes and procedures as the Pfizer-BioNTech ones, and also meet the same finished product specifications.

US directs millions of Covid-19 shots to Asia, Latin America, AfricaWASHINGTON — The White House laid out a plan on Monday (June 21) to share 55 million United States Covid-19 vaccine doses globally, with roughly 75 per cent of the doses allocated to Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Africa through the Covax international vaccine-sharing program. Great news!🙏 Only when the majority of world gets vaccinated, can we move on from this period. Let’s hope these vaccines work to protect us from any further mutations. Stay Healthy!❤️

India economy: Seven years of Modi in seven chartsNarendra Modi's economic record, in the seven years he's been prime minister, has proved lacklustre – and the pandemic battered what was an already under-par performance.

UAE's capital apparently offering COVID vaccines to touristsThe capital of the United Arab Emirates has apparently started offering free coronavirus vaccines to tourists flying into the emirate, a move that could entice travelers and help revive the country's struggling tourism industry. While Abu Dhabi has made no official announcement on the matter, the health authority's phone application showed updated criteria for vaccine access on Tuesday, saying visitors to the capital could now get the COVID-19 shot by presenting their passports. Passport holders must be eligible for entry visas on arrival, the guidelines said, without offering further information.

Kremlin says people without vaccine or immunity in Russia will have limited work optionsIt’s here. Slow cook simmer to taste.