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Jurong Island Dogs Up For Adoption: You Could Help Rewrite Their Future

Give them a fur-ever home!

6/5/2021 6:00:00 AM

Give them a fur-ever home!

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

AdMachen Sie Ihre Träume wahr! Jeden Freitag befinden sich mindestens 10 Mio. € im Jackpot. Spielen Sie das Original – einfach und sicher bei LOTTO24.The Wrap‘The Masked Singer’ Eliminates Another Contestant: And Robopine Is…Five competitors remain (Warning: This post contains spoilers for Wednesday’s “The Masked Singer.”) “The Masked Singer” returned to its classic format on Wednesday after taking a week off from eliminations for its first-ever “Masky Awards” episode last week. That meant at the end of tonight’s episode, one of the remaining “Spicy Six” contestants was cut from the lineup and unmasked. The returning competitors were Russian Doll(s), Robopine (f.k.a. Porcupine), Yeti, Chameleon, Black Swan and Piglet. Each one performed for judges Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, guest panelist Chrissy Metz and host Nick Cannon, while also giving a few more clues about their identities. In fact, each contestant was technically unmasked, but wore visors to completely cover their faces as they revealed some hints about themselves. At the end of the hour, it was time for the judges and the at-home audience to cast their votes for the night’s best singer and, in doing so, decide who would be going home. The contestant with the fewest votes ended up being Robopine, who had performed Boyz II Men’s “Water Runs Dry.” Robopine was unmasked to reveal singer, model and actor Tyrese Gibson. Before his true identity was revealed, Scherzinger and Metz correctly guessed he was Gibson, while the other judges’ incorrect guesses were Jamie Foxx, Wesley Snipes and Terrence Howard. Along with Gibson’s Robopine, the previously eliminated “Masked Singer” Season 5 contestants include Kermit the Frog (Snail), Caitlyn Jenner (Phoenix), Mark McGrath (Orca), Logan Paul (Grandpa Monster), Danny Trejo (Raccoon), Bobby Brown (Crab), Tamera Mowry-Housley (Seashell) and Cannon, who very stealthily competed as the Bulldog on one episode before returning to host the show following his recovery from COVID-19. Next week, Russian Doll(s), Yeti, Chameleon, Black Swan and Piglet will be back to continue competing for “The Masked Singer” Season 5’s Golden Mask trophy. “The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox. Read original story ‘The Masked Singer’ Eliminates Another Contestant: And Robopine Is… At TheWrap

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2 hours ago‘Masked Singer': Robopine Was Super Worried About His ‘Super Obvious’ Clues“My fans and supporters, they really know my story. And I’m an open book,” latest unmasked singer tells TheWrap (Warning: This post contains spoilers for tonight’s episode of “The Masked Singer.”) The artist formerly known as Robopine — and formerly, formerly known as Porcupine — was unmasked on Wednesday’s “The Masked Singer” to reveal actor and singer Tyrese Gibson. And before he took his spiky head off, judge Nicole Scherzinger and guest panelist Chrissy Metz were sure Robopine had to be the “Fast & Furious” franchise alum, due to the episode’s clues about him being a blockbuster film star who had lost a dear friend, a reference to the late Paul Walker. But Scherzinger and Metz weren’t the only ones to decipher Robopine’s true identity, as some “Masked Singer” Season 5 viewers had been guessing he was Tyrese ever since he appeared on the season premiere. Gibson told TheWrap he was worried that would happen from the moment he signed on to the Fox singing competition, given how much is known about him and how “obvious” some clues would be. “I told them, if you do some of the most obvious ones, it’s going to be a dead giveaway,” Gibson said. “My fans and supporters, they really know my story. And I’m an open book.” That’s why Gibson said he “loved it” when Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong all gave incorrect guesses (Terrence Howard, Jamie Foxx and Wesley Snipes, respectively), because at least he managed to fool some of them with his Robopine persona. “For one, my goal was to throw them off with my clues,” the singer said. “I said to the producers, if you guys are willing to work with me, I have a lot of information out there about my life. I’ve written two New York Times bestsellers, I’ve put all my business out there about my childhood, my backstory, who I am, the challenges that I’ve had to survive growing up in South Central LA. So I said, a lot of artists, they are not as much of an open book as I am, so if you start going into your usual clue packages, everybody is going to know it’s me. And they listened — but in certain areas they didn’t listen.” He continued: “If anything, I’m considered a person who overshares. And I said, guys, there’s a lot of people that are on this show that are more mysterious than me, they keep a lot of their personal stuff close to the vest. I said, I am not that guy, so if you start hinting at anything that’s too obvious, my fans and supporters are going to know it’s me. And every time they put some obvious stuff up there, my Instagram and Twitter just went crazy. And I could not post about Robopine, nothing.” As we mentioned before, Robopine wasn’t always Robopine — a name change that came directly from Gibson, who decided to take a more creative approach to being the robot porcupine. “That was me being innovative. I want to figure out a way to entertain,” he said. “I think sometimes people do these really fun shows that are very fun and for kids, ‘American Idol,’ ‘The Voice,’ this and that. I think a lot of times people will do those type of shows and then they go out there and take things way too seriously. And I wanted Robopine to be fun. That was my goal.” “And so when they came out and said Porcupine, I was like, ‘I’m sorry. That is not my name, my name is Robopine,'” he added. “I saw all the dancers and the dudes with the little men in black suits, and it felt like an M.C. Hammer moment. That’s why I came out dancing to M.C. Hammer and I had to correct them on what my name was, because I wanted to make it fun. I didn’t want to go in there taking things way too serious. And hopefully Robopine, even though I didn’t win, hopefully Robopine is a memorable character because they’re going to say, ‘Man, this dude was a lot of fun.'” “The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox. Read original story ‘Masked Singer': Robopine Was Super Worried About His ‘Super Obvious’ Clues At TheWrap

2 hours agoThe WrapHomeland Security Agent Calls Josh Duggar’s Alleged Child Porn ‘Top 5 of the Worst of the Worst’Duggar was granted bail — with strict conditions — on Wednesday In a virtual detention hearing Wednesday for the former reality star, a Department of Homeland Security agent testified that child pornography found on Josh Duggar’s computer was “in the top five of the worst of the worst that I’ve ever had to examine.” Duggar was arrested by federal agents April 29 and is accused downloading child pornography in May, 2019. He is charged with one count of receiving child porn and one count of possession; Duggar denies the accusations and has pled not guilty. He was granted bail on Wednesday but with strict conditions. People Magazine reported that during his bail hearing, Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Gerald Faulkner also testified about the timeline of the investigation into Duggar, providing new, and highly disturbing details about the investigation against him. Among the details Faulkner shared with the court: The child pornography was downloaded to Duggar’s IP address at his employer at the time, an auto dealership; one of the files contained depictions of sexual abuse against children as young as 18 months old; Duggar’s home computer contained monitoring software designed to track internet use by people with “porn addictions,” but the software was not able to detect activity on his workplace computer; when federal agents raided his business, Dugger said “What is this about? Has someone been downloading child pornography?; and when asked directly if he possessed child pornography, Duggar said “I’d rather not answer that question.” Among the conditions of his bail agreement, Duggar will be given a GPS monitor, restricted to his residence at all times aside from legal or religious events, live with a third-party guardian, possess no electronics capable of accessing the internet, reporting regularly to a probation officer, avoid controlled substances and alcohol, and surrender his passport. He is also only allowed to see his children under his wife’s supervision. Violations of these conditions may result in additional years in prison should he be convicted. Read original story Homeland Security Agent Calls Josh Duggar’s Alleged Child Porn ‘Top 5 of the Worst of the Worst’ At TheWrap headtopics.com

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