Japan, Dıplomacy

Japan, Dıplomacy

Japan's stance on Hong Kong 'praised' by other G-7 nations

Japan's stance on Hong Kong 'praised' by other G-7 nations

8/6/2020 7:04:00 AM

Japan 's stance on Hong Kong 'praised' by other G-7 nations

TOKYO (REUTERS) - Japan was among the first nations to express its concern about China imposing a new security law, and its stance has been praised by other Group of Seven nations, chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga said on Monday (June 8).. Read more at straitstimes.com.

Officials from the United States, Britain and others were cited in a report by Kyodo news agency on Sunday saying that Japan had decided not to join them in issuing a statement scolding China for imposing the new law, which observers fear could endanger Hong Kong's special autonomy and freedoms.

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Mr Suga told a news conference that in addition to issuing a statement on May 28, the day China's parliament approved the law, saying Tokyo was"seriously concerned", it had also expressed its opinions directly to Chinese officials."We've expressed our opinions this way directly and promptly to China at a high level and have made our opinions quite clear to international society," he said.

"The United States, Britain, and other nations have praised our response," Suga said, adding that Japan remains in close contact with other nations on the issue.Tokyo is in a complicated position amid tension between China and the US over the Hong Kong issue as Japan plans for a state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping. headtopics.com

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Japan declines to join US and others in condemning China for Hong Kong lawTOKYO: Japan will not join the United States, Britain and others in issuing a statement scolding China for imposing a new security law, Kyodo news ... I support Japan and China. Hong Kong is China and China is Hong Kong. Police and people of Hong Kong must reconcile and unite & prosperity once again Smart decision,

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