Israel fires artillery into Gaza, Palestinian rocket attacks persist

Israel fires artillery into Gaza, Palestinian rocket attacks persist

14/5/2021 3:45:00 AM

Israel fires artillery into Gaza, Palestinian rocket attacks persist

GAZA/JERUSALEM — Israel fired artillery and mounted more air strikes on Friday (May 14) against Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip amid constant rocket fire deep into Israel's commercial centre.

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UN Security Council to meet on Israel-Palestinian violence after US delayUNITED NATIONS: The UN Security Council will hold a virtual public meeting on Sunday (May 16) to address the soaring violence between Israel and ... isrealterrorist freepalastine Gaza_Under_Attack AlAqsaUnderAtrack Get your Physical Silver now, they dont have enough Silver for all, Great Reset - the Rich lose everything

Israel-Palestinian conflict escalates as rockets fly, riots flareTEL AVIV: Israel faced an escalating conflict on two fronts on Thursday (May 13), scrambling to quell riots between Arabs and Jews on its own ... Whose side are you on ? Israel Palestine Una gran tristeza 😢

Gaza teeters on the brink as fighting with Israel escalatesGAZA CITY, Gaza Strip: Screams and flying debris enveloped Umm Majed al-Rayyes as explosions hurled her from her bed in Gaza City. Groping in the ...

Singapore calls for de-escalation of violence in Israel and GazaSINGAPORE: Singapore on Wednesday (May 12) said it is extremely concerned about the civilian casualties from the escalation of violence in Israel ... Stop the terror, apartheid and ethnic cleansing by Israelis military ans settlers on the Palestinians. Can yall settle your own shit first.... Like the covid situation My challenge to Singapore--end racism here first!

Israel airstrikes kill 20 in Gaza, Palestinians say, after militants fire rockets at Jerusalem

Dozens dead as Israel and Hamas escalate aerial bombardmentsGAZA — Hostilities between Israel and Hamas escalated on Tuesday (May 11), raising the death toll in two days to 32 Palestinians and three people in Israel, with Israel carrying out multiple air strikes in Gaza and the militant group firing rockets at Tel Aviv.