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ISIS detainees in Syria a 'ticking time-bomb', says State Dept official

ISIS detainees in Syria a 'ticking time-bomb', says State Dept official


ISIS detainees in Syria a 'ticking time-bomb', says State Dept official

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) - Some 10,000 Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ( ISIS ) detainees held in prisons in northeastern Syria present a major security risk, a senior State Department official said on Tuesday (Nov 12), urging countries to take back their citizens who joined the group and were detained.. Read more at

ISIS has lost almost all of its territory in Iraq and Syria. Its former leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a US raid last month but it remains security threat in Syria and beyond.

The official said little progress was made on the repatriation of ISIS detainees, with only some taken back by some Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries.

The United States will hold a meeting of foreign ministers from the US.-led coalition fighting ISIS in Washington on Thursday to discuss the next step on how to recalibrate the fight against the Islamic hardline group.

Trump cleared the way for a long-threatened Turkish incursion into northeastern Syria on Oct 9 against Kurdish forces who had been America's top allies in the battle against ISIS since 2014.

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