Iran to regain UN vote after S. Korea pays country's delinquent dues

23/1/2022 8:40:00 AM

Iran regains UN vote after S.Korea says pays country's delinquent dues (REUTERS) - Iran is expected to regain its vote in the United Nations General Assembly after South Korea paid Teheran's delinquent dues to the world body with frozen Iranian funds in the country, South Korea said on Sunday (Jan 23).

Iran had regained its UN voting rights in June after a similar payment, but said this month it had lost them again because it could not transfer the funds to pay its duesRelease of Iran's frozen funds requires the approval of the United States, which joined its European allies this week in saying only weeks remain to salvage the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

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straits_times How does the States of America get ANY vote when it is in ARREARS to the tune of $1 billion? But other nations in arrears are reprimanded for the Same thing.