Iran, Wuhan Virus, Coronavirus

Iran, Wuhan Virus

Iran reports 12 dead, 61 infected with COVID-19; government pledges transparency

Iran reports 12 dead, 61 infected with COVID-19; government pledges transparency


Iran reports 12 dead, 61 infected with COVID-19; government pledges transparency

DUBAI: Twelve people have died and 61 people have been infected with COVID-19, Iran 's Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi said during a news ...

A lawmaker from Qom on Monday accused the government of covering up the full extent of the coronavirus outbreak in the city, according to semi-official news agency ISNA.In his remarks to state television on Sunday, the minister said direct flights between Iran and China were now suspended, but the Qom businessman had travelled there"on a connecting flight".

Iran has been trying to contain the COVID-19 outbreak since it announced the first two deaths in Qom last Wednesday.

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So many deaths. Expect far more cases realistically.......

Iran closes schools in two cities over COVID-19: State TVTEHRAN: Iran will close schools, universities and educational centres in two central cities to prevent a deadly coronavirus outbreak spreading, ...

Iran accuses foreign media of using COVID-19 to 'discourage' votersTEHRAN: Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday (Feb 23) accused foreign media of trying to use a deadly outbreak of coronavirus in Iran ...

Jordan bars travellers from China, Iran, South Korea over COVID-19AMMAN: Jordan said on Sunday (Feb 23) it will bar entry to citizens of China, Iran and South Korea and other foreigners travelling from those ...

Iran announces low poll turnout, blames COVID-19 'propaganda'DUBAI: Iran on Sunday (Feb 23) announced a 42 per cent turnout in its parliamentary election, the lowest rate since the 1979 Islamic revolution, ... The CCP/PLA created this virus in the Level 4 lab in Wuhan WuhanBioWeapon Iran government back with their bull again. I legit think the Iranian government themselves are more dangerous and lethal than the Corona virus.

Several countries shut Iran border, halt flights due to COVID-19ISTANBUL: Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan have extended entry bans or closed their borders with Iran in a bid to prevent the spread of ...

Iran now says 5 dead out of 28 infected with new coronavirus Iran ian health authorities on Saturday reported a fifth death from the new virus that emerged in China, and said the fatality was from among 10 new confirmed cases of the virus in Iran . People are being treated for the virus in at least four different cities, including the capital, Tehran, where some

What happens if Hong Kong court upholds mask ban amid coronavirus pandemic?

Hong Kong court rules that blanket ban on masks is unconstitutional

2 teens arrested for allegedly placing juice they drank back on FairPrice supermarket shelf in Covid-19 video ‘joke’

Singapore reports a record 287 new COVID-19 cases with more than half linked to dormitory cluster

Record 287 new Covid-19 cases in S'pore, links found between Mustafa Centre and clusters in foreign worker dormitories

All 19 polyclinics and some GPs can now perform coronavirus swab test

Two teens charged after one allegedly placed juice he drank back on FairPrice supermarket shelf

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