India withdraws security warning on national biometric ID, but citizens left worried

1/6/2022 3:42:00 PM

India withdraws security warning on national biometric ID, but citizens left worried

Copy to clipboard https://str.LinkedIn NEW DELHI : Record green energy output reduced Indian dependence on coal in May, despite 23.NEW DELHI: India's growth slowed further in the first three months of 2022, the National Statistics Office (NSO) said on Tuesday (May 31), with inflation and higher oil prices denting a post-pandemic recovery.Copy to clipboard https://str.

sg/w2FV BANGALORE - Rising reports of financial fraud and a confusing government flip-flop are raising fresh concerns in India about the security of Aadhaar, the world's largest biometric identification programme.Last Friday (May 27), the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) which runs Aadhaar published an advisory warning Indians against sharing photocopies of this digital identifier with any organisation"because it can be misused".Surging supply from renewables will go some way towards mitigating India's coal shortage amid extraordinarily rapid growth in demand, which has forced the country to reopen mines and return to importing the fuel.It warned that"unlicensed private entities like hotels or film halls are not permitted to collect or keep copies of the Aadhaar card.Annual growth for the 12 months to the end of March stood at 8." Two days after the warning, India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said that the UIDAI advisory was being withdrawn to avoid"misinterpretation".1 per cent in May from 10.The Ministry said:"Aadhaar card holders are only advised to exercise normal prudence in using and sharing their UIDAI Aadhaar numbers.7 per cent.

Aadhaar Identity Authentication ecosystem has provided adequate features for protecting and safeguarding the identity and privacy of the Aadhaar holder.Coal made room for it, dropping to 72.The country of 1." Aadhaar, which links a unique 12-digit number to an individual's fingerprints and iris scans, is mandatory when paying taxes, buying property, and accessing government benefits.For other purposes, Aadhaar is legally just another proof of identity.8 per cent.But because the government has conveyed that it is the most preferred and secure identification, state and private entities like hotels, banks, telecommunications companies and hospitals commonly refuse their services without it."The pandemic may be receding, but growth has not returned," economist Mihir Swarup Sharma of the New Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation told AFP.The UIDAI says it has generated over 1.9 per cent of May 2021, however.The US$26 billion (S$35.

3 billion Aadhaar numbers, almost the entire population of 1.38 billion, since its inception in 2009.4 per cent of requirements in May.Higher-than-expected revenues could give New Delhi some"headroom" to cushion consumers from inflation, Sharma said.The agency has aggressively defended the security of the programme in the past, with one of its founders even tweeting his Aadhaar number in 2018, defying critics to harm him.But fears about data safety and privacy have dogged Aadhaar for years.8 per cent in April, an analysis of daily load despatch data from federal grid regulator POSOCO showed.In 2018, The Tribune newspaper said that its reporters were able to log into the Aadhaar database and access information including user names, addresses and photos by paying an agent 500 rupees (S$8.Consumer inflation hit 6.2 per cent.

82).Utilities' coal inventories at the end of April were at their lowest levels in years, but they rose 6.The UIDAI dismissed most reports over the years about Aadhaar data leaks, or court petitions about essential services refused without Aadhaar, with the repetitive claim that the data is secure and Aadhaar is not mandatory.India's Supreme Court had upheld the constitutional validity of the Aadhaar programme in 2018, saying it involved"parting with minimal information" to fulfill the larger public interest of the poor.3 million tonnes, helped by renewables stepping up to carry more of the national electricity load."Alarmingly, persistent and spreading inflationary pressures are becoming more acute with every passing day," Reserve Bank of India governor Shaktikanta Das said this month.But it ruled that private entities could not demand customers' Aadhaar numbers.This did not stop Aadhaar from being made mandatory by default for many services.India, the world's third-largest greenhouse gas emitter, is 37 per cent short of its target for end-2022 green electricity capacity.More On This Topic.

In April, India's national auditor published a report on the UIDAI's"deficient data management".Among other things, it said that the agency had not ensured that devices used for Aadhaar authentication were"capable of storing personal information… which put the privacy of residents at risk.5 per cent higher than in the same month last year and up 11." Gaps in Aadhaar data security have already been exploited for fraud.Recent months have seen a string of arrests in several states of individuals who allegedly siphoned government welfare payments made to Aadhaar-linked bank accounts.Daily average power requirement in May was 2.On May 7, police in Gwalior town in Rajasthan arrested four people they said had cloned the fingerprints of at least 23 villagers and stolen 500,000 rupees of government benefits intended for them.

On May 13, the Haryana police said that fraudsters had been lifting fingerprints off the state's digital land revenue registry and patching them on duplicate silicon thumbs to withdraw money from Aadhaar-linked bank accounts.Wind energy generation, which typically picks up from May and tapers in August, was 51.Last week, the Telangana police tweeted:"If you lost money from an Aadhaar-enabled payment system without your knowledge, immediately disable your biometric link from your Aadhaar.Never share your Aadhar details with anyone.8 per cent, the data showed." More On This Topic India's use of facial recognition tech during protests causes stir On Monday, The Morning Context news site published an investigation which cited sources in the Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh police who were investigating hundreds of gangs involved in Aadhaar-related frauds.Its reporters found several online video tutorials on how to clone fingerprints and get around Aadhaar payment security.1 per cent from a year before, the fastest pace in at least 30 months.

They also found websites selling copies of Aadhaar cards.The Times of India, the country's largest English newspaper, on Monday cautioned that"governments have been too permissive about private and public entities seeking and collecting personal data".It also conserves coal for night-time generation and reduces pressure on the rail network.India does not yet have a data protection law.For many, however, the damage is already done.Source: Reuters.Responding to last week's UIDAI advisory, a Twitter user @_NairFYI said,"I might have stayed in almost a 100 hotels who kept a copy of my Aadhaar! Now this.

" More On This Topic.

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