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India records 1.57 million new COVID-19 cases in a week

India records 1.57 million new COVID-19 cases in a week

7/5/2021 9:33:00 AM
Covıd-19, Coronavirus, India

India records 1.57 million new COVID-19 cases in a week

BENGALURU: India reported another record daily rise in COVID-19 cases on Friday (May 7), bringing the total number of new cases for the week to ...

in an effort to increase the supply and access to vaccines, especially in vulnerable developing countries.India's healthcare system is crumbling under the weight of COVID-19 patients, with hospitals running out of beds and medical oxygen. Morgues and crematoriums cannot handle the number of dead, and makeshift funeral pyres burn in parks and car parks.

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Although northern and western India bear the brunt of the disease, the share of the five southern states in the country's daily surge in infections rose from 28 per cent to 33 per cent in the first seven days of May, data shows.In the southern city of Chennai, only one in 100 oxygen supported beds and two in 100 beds in intensive care units were vacant on Thursday, from a vacancy rate of over 20 per cent each two weeks ago, government data showed.

In India's tech capital Bengaluru, only 23 of the 590 beds in intensive care units were vacant, and only one in 50 beds with a ventilator were vacant, a situation officials say points to an impending crisis.READ: India's neighbours close borders over surge in COVID-19 cases

New Delhi's ubiquitous three-wheeled autorickshaws have become makeshift ambulances to ferry COVID-19 patients."We must all help each other out at this time of need to get out of this situation," said autorickshaw driver Raj Kumar, who wears a protection suit. There is a plastic partition between him and the passengers at the back.

"If everyone stays home because they are scared, then who is going to help those in need?"People receive oxygen support for free at a Sikh temple amid the spread of COVID-19 in Ghaziabad, India, on Thursday, May 6, 2021. (Photo: Reuters/Danish Siddiqui)

Several Indian states have imposed various levels of social restrictions to try to stem infections, but the federal government has resisted imposing a national lockdown."At times like this, people look for some sign that politicians are listening ... what is happening today is a betrayal of hope and a slap in the face of the dream that was a modern progressive India," columnist Vir Sanghvi wrote in the Hindustan Times.

"We will beat COVID eventually. But by then thousands more will have lost their lives." Read more: CNA »

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Malaysia to repatriate citizens from some parts of India as COVID-19 cases continue to climbKUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will repatriate its citizens from the northern and western regions of India amid a surge in COVID-19 cases and fatalities ... Wa online citizens sure no give chance say Malaysia racist Muhammad Qasim has seen dreams for over 30 years now, and in 2014 he started sharing for the first time after being asked by Prophet Muhammad SAW. Muhammad Qasim’s dreams are important for Islam, and the future to come for Muslims. Learn more at

India hits 4,000 COVID-19 deaths in a day as cases surge in southern statesThe 4,187 new deaths took India 's overall toll to 238,270 since the pandemic started. It added another 401,078 new cases in 24 hours taking its ... CHINESE VIRUS AFFECTED NEARLY EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Choose MODI or DEATH? Difference? Its a victory for India , just 4000 deaths is a victory

Germany airlifts oxygen equipment to India as COVID-19 cases surgeBERLIN: A German military cargo aircraft with a mobile oxygen production unit for India has departed from an airport in northern Germany to help ... Poorer neighbouring countries of India like Nepal and Pakistan need it as much.

India accounts for 46% of world's new Covid-19 cases, quarter of deaths: WHOGENEVA — India accounted for 46 per cent of the new Covid-19 cases recorded worldwide last week and one in four of deaths, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday (May 5).

India sees record Covid-19 deaths, new cases in 24 hours India saw record new jumps in Covid-19 cases and deaths on Thursday, dashing tentative hopes that a catastrophic recent surge that has stretched hospitals to the limit might be easing. For how long will humanity continue to live in this darkness and oppression? Qasim has been shown the way out and towards the righteous path, the path walked by Prophet Muhammad SAW. Learn more about this on Wow... best wishes to india