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In full: PM Lee appeals to older Singaporeans to stay at home during COVID-19 'circuit breaker' period

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Friday (Apr 10) appealed to older Singaporeans to stay at home for their own safety during the ...

10/4/2020 12:35:00 PM

PM Lee Hsien Loong appeals to seniors to stay home during the COVID19 'circuit breaker' period, urges people to 'comply strictly' with the measures

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Friday (Apr 10) appealed to older Singaporeans to stay at home for their own safety during the ...

BookmarkSINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Friday (Apr 10) appealed to older Singaporeans to stay at home for their own safety during the"circuit breaker" period.The elderly are more vulnerable to COVID-19. It is a “serious matter” if they contract the disease and the"chances of dying are much higher", Mr Lee said in a video posted on his Facebook page.

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AdvertisementHere is his speech in full:My fellow Singaporeans,I spoke to you on TV last week to explain why we needed to implement a circuit breaker. We anticipated a rise in our local COVID-19 cases, especially more unlinked cases that we are unable to trace. We also worried about more cases and clusters emerging in foreign worker dormitories. Unfortunately, in the week since then, these have happened.

We have seen outbreaks in several foreign worker dormitories. Many dorms have cases, and some dorms have many cases. We have responded comprehensively to contain the spread in the dorms, and to protect the foreign workers.AdvertisementAdvertisementYesterday, Ministers Lawrence Wong and Gan Kim Yong explained what we are doing. They have set up an interagency task force to handle the situation in the dorms. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Manpower, the SAF, the Home Team, all are involved. The commander of the task force is the Chief Guards Officer from the Army, and Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean is advising the ministers on this issue.

The task force has deployed Forward Assurance and Support Teams in all the dorms. These teams work closely with the dorm operators and can respond quickly to the workers’ essential needs. They are setting up medical facilities and triage clinics, bringing in supplies and food, and managing the logistics and housekeeping. They are making sure the workers have food and water, and WiFi to keep in touch with families back home and friends here, and for entertainment. The SAF and the Home Team have the resources and the organisation to do this. Many other public service agencies are also chipping in.

We are paying close attention to the welfare of the foreign workers. They came to Singapore to work hard for a living, and provide for their families back home. They have played an important part building our HDB flats, Changi Airport, MRT lines. We have worked with their employers to make sure they will be paid their salaries, and can remit money home. We will provide them with the medical care and treatment that they need.

If any of their family members watch my video, let me say this to them: We appreciate the work and contributions of your sons, fathers, husbands in Singapore. We feel responsible for their well-being. We will do our best to take care of their health, livelihood and welfare here, and to let them go home, safe and sound, to you. On behalf of all Singaporeans, I wish you well.

Outside the dorms, the number of cases in the general community has also gone up. Many of these cases are unlinked. We do not know how they got infected, or from whom. So the persons who infected them are probably still out there, and still infecting more people. As I explained last week, we expected this to happen, and to see the numbers go up even after the circuit breaker took effect. The reason is most of these cases were probably infected earlier, before the circuit breaker started.

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And this is precisely why we need the circuit breaker. If we all reduce our contact with one another, we also reduce our chances of catching or transmitting the virus. This will slow down new infections, both linked and unlinked, and after a while the number of new cases will fall.

This has been the experience of countries like China, South Korea, and New Zealand. They all adopted similar tough measures after a surge in infections. But it will take some time. I spoke to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand yesterday on the phone. New Zealand has implemented a stringent lock down. She told me that when they did this, it was only on Day 11 that they started to see new cases coming down. So we have to be patient, but we also have to be resolute.

This is why I need each of you to take the circuit breaker very seriously. Stay at home; stop socialising in person with others, even with extended family members who do not live with you. Keep in touch with them but by other means, for example online, on the phone, writing emails or even letters. But do not make physical contact, because that is how the virus is spread. Please comply not just with the letter of the rules, but their spirit.

Some of you have elderly parents who live alone and need your help to go about their daily lives. We understand your concerns. There is some flexibility in the law to accommodate your situation, but if it is at all possible, do not visit between households, not even close kin, not even elderly parents. For example, if you need the grandparents’ help for childcare, then let your kids stay with the grandparents for this period. Do not drop them off and pick them up every day. This is to protect our seniors, and also to protect other people in Singapore.

I want to make a special appeal to older Singaporeans. I am one of you, so I know how you feel. When we are cooped up at home, we get restless and frustrated. We want to meet our friends, visit our grandchildren, stretch our legs, and resume our familiar routines – qigong sessions, karaoke groups, hanging out for kopi or a beer with friends. But please understand: We are telling you to stay at home for your own safety. Older people are more vulnerable to the virus. If we catch COVID-19, it is a serious matter. Our chances of dying are much higher, and if we get infected and spread the virus to our friends around our age, or bring the virus back home to our families, then, we put them in grave danger.

So please stay home. Use this chance to spend more time with your family, or watch your favourite TV programmes. If you need anything from outside, ask others to get it for you. If you have really no choice but to go out for food or necessities, make sure you wear a mask, and stay a safe distance away from everyone else. Do not linger and do not dawdle – come home once you have completed your errand.

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Today is Good Friday. For Christians, it is a special time to reflect on the sacrifice of Christ. For Singaporeans, it is a time to acknowledge the sacrifices of our frontline workers, since COVID-19 broke out in Singapore. And for every one of us, it is a time to make our own sacrifices, to observe the circuit breaker strictly, in order to stop the virus from spreading among us.

I know the measures are very inconvenient. They also come at high cost to our economy. But the more strictly we observe the restrictions, the faster they will work, and the sooner we can ease up on them. If some of us fail to comply strictly with the measures, the circuit breaker will fail, then all our inconvenience, pain and sacrifice will have been in vain. COVID-19 is very contagious. It only takes a few people to let down their guard, and the virus will slip through. We need everyone to play their part.

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One of the most level-headed nation leaders in the world. Cudnt have been said better or more effectively. Needs to be translated to all languages and played throughout the world. And very touching gesture towards foreign workers!! The real hero in the world Yes'ss'ahhh👀 STOP!🛑STAY!🛑HOME!🛑 💗👀 STOP!🛑STAY!🛑DISTANCED!🛑 💗 Prayers.Sent.😇💗 💗 Aaaaaaaaymen Aaaay!😇 💗

There are still people breaking the law, the playground was close still people used it. old old people, foreigners, and some are not regular there you can see at this time. I call 999 was no ring, are office no answer. Can I have a hotline number to report people breaking the law Sure covid 19 is real and not friendly to old once

Thank you Singapore Get the develope an app inside our sing pass , so when we are home just press our location ... every hr , then all happy First world leader that actually gave a real world, fully understandable explanation of COVID-19! 👍 I'm gratified by Singapore PM Lee's message and the sober tone of his delivery. As an American, the way in which our president, Trump, has addressed COVID-19 is frighteningly cavalier, largely contributing to the shocking numbers of cases and deaths.

God save us all. Waiting for his dialect speeches... where’s the flask with the magic drink? Sir, the elderly are a stubborn lots. To be honest with you. Most of them are out. Even their own children can’t stop them. skinnynyonyaxx Call it lockdown, no brakes or circuit breakers, people do not understand these bombastic terms.

To be safe...after this we have to practice social distancing from pap. Ask the oldies to pls listen to fkg instructions can or not!! Mask up!!! Must be tonight cases break record then he come out talk one ...... Brace for impact !!!! Need to talk in Hokkien or at least put subtitles 😂 No drink magic water no talk other dialects

Thanks Pm for the reminder. We should all be staying at home. If we don’t follow instructions now, we may need to go on a full lock down and staying home for 3 months instead of just 1. begood StayAtHomeAndStaySafe Singapore Thanks for the quick update 💜 stayathome Heartfelt and transparent. StayHomeSaveLives StayHomeForSingapore

StayHome everyone. Comply strictly with the circuitbreaker. We need to flatten the curve. Be socially responsible. Think abt ur family,loved ones even if u dont care if u kena the virus or not,pls comply strictly with CB measures,Don't try to be funny like be CCB kia

COVID-19: Singapore will do its part as global citizen – PM LeeCountries must co-operate closely and learn from one another amid the coronavirus pandemic, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Wednesday (8 April), as he gave assurances that Singapore will do its part in the fight against a common enemy. Yaah no problem with this global citizen Boss..just very unhappy M'sian govt mucking us about making us pay for everything to ease their citizens plight here..they come to SG get good paying jobs & send money back. Why are we ask to pay...are we taken for suckers? leehsienloong FINALLY I STARTED EARNING $4500 FROM MY WEALTHY MOMMY DAILY IN SINGAPORE WITH NO RISK INVOLVED, THIS HAS REALLY CHANGE MY LIFE YOU TOO CAN ALSO START TO EARN SGD4500 FROM WEALTHY MOMMY IN SINGAPORE TODAY WHATSAPP MSS GINA NOW ON WHATSAPP 6590143743 AND START EARNING

Covid-19: PM Lee hoping for positive results of ‘circuit breaker’ to show by April 17End of may more likely. Procrastinated & preoccupied with ineffective brakes & circuit breakers. Just lockdown and called it lockdown. One month at least wasted to manage the impact. Way too optimistic. Conservative estimate should be around mid to end May. Not words of wisdom.. Why so kancheong? Sir.. You can see other can be good for days n return bad .. Blessings Singapore 🙏🙏

Covid-19: PM Lee hoping for positive results of ‘circuit breaker’ to show by April 17End of may more likely. Procrastinated & preoccupied with ineffective brakes & circuit breakers. Just lockdown and called it lockdown. One month at least wasted to manage the impact. Way too optimistic. Conservative estimate should be around mid to end May. Not words of wisdom.. Why so kancheong? Sir.. You can see other can be good for days n return bad .. Blessings Singapore 🙏🙏

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