'If you do it your way, I slap you': Woman gets jail for repeatedly assaulting maid

30/5/2022 6:36:00 AM

'If you do it your way, I slap you': Woman gets jail for repeatedly assaulting maid

'If you do it your way, I slap you': Woman gets jail for repeatedly assaulting maid

SINGAPORE: A woman who was unhappy with the way her domestic worker did housework repeatedly assaulted the maid by slapping and hitting her. Zhao Lin, 35, was on Monday (May 30) sentenced to five months\u0027 jail and a fine of S$1,000. She pleaded guilty last month to four charges of voluntarily caus

LinkedIn SINGAPORE: A woman who was unhappy with the way her domestic worker did housework repeatedly assaulted the maid by slapping and hitting her.Learning how to tackle extremism from a couple of comedians And what she added was the real bombshell.repeatedly punched a Southwest Airlines flight attendant last year, bloodying her face and chipping three of her teeth, was sentenced on Friday (May 27) to 15 months in prison, prosecutors said.Arrested right after the crime in 2021, he is now summoned to appear in Brighton Magistrate’s Court on June 23 to face a rape charge.

Zhao Lin, 35, was on Monday (May 30) sentenced to five months' jail and a fine of S$1,000.She pleaded guilty last month to four charges of voluntarily causing hurt and one count of mischief for damaging a phone that the victim bought to contact her family."I was just 16 when you took my virginity on your office floor,” she said.Another four charges were considered for sentencing.A video of the attack, which occurred in May 2021, was widely viewed on social media.The court previously heard that the victim, a Myanmar national, started working for Zhao in February 2016.The woman added:"You did things to my teenage body that had never and should have never been done.Zhao was her first employer.According to cops, he was arrested on July 28 and released on bail while investigations were ongoing.

The victim's job scope included taking care of Zhao's son, who was aged about four at the time.She claimed that she"would still be in a prison" if not for her brother, who got her to speak up.The assault came amid a surge of unruly and violent behaviour by passengers who shoved, struck and yelled at flight attendants.Zhao started abusing the victim in 2017 by hitting her because her work or attitude was purportedly not satisfactory.She also deducted S$100 to S$200 from her maid's S$500 salary each month for mistakes made at work, such as breaking crockery."The church deserves to know the truth.The victim accepted the salary deductions as she"did not know what would happen to her if she refused", said Deputy Public Prosecutor Teo Lu Jia."Violence on aircraft endangers the lives of all onboard," Randy Grossman, the US attorney for the Southern District of California, said in a statement on Friday.WHAT HAPPENED Zhao was working as a nurse at the time of the offences on Aug 25, 2018, which were captured by closed-circuit television cameras around the home." Her husband also spoke.Sussex Police issued the following statement: ‘Sussex Police has arrested a man after a woman reported being raped on Brighton beach on Saturday, July 17 2021.

The abuse started around midnight that day, when Zhao accused the victim of not keeping her son's toys properly.Zhao told the victim, then 25, to"stand properly" and slapped her forcefully 10 times, loudly counting several of the slaps.It's another level when it's a teenager.In a letter filed with the court on May 20, Quinonez apologised for assaulting the flight attendant.The victim did not retaliate.After slapping her, Zhao went on to sort her son's toys while saying:"I will do it until you are really, really scared.“It happened for nine years." The victim subsequently teared and cried quietly when she was alone.On May 23, 2021, near the end of a flight from Sacramento to San Diego, a flight attendant asked Quinonez to buckle her seat belt, put up her tray table and"wear her face mask properly", prosecutors said.

In the morning, Zhao slapped the victim 10 times again as punishment for forgetting to wash some laundry.It lasted until she met me and we started dating.A more sustained assault took place later that day, at about 4.30pm." In a , members of the congregation can then be heard confronting the pastor.Quinonez, who was sitting in an aisle seat, stood up and punched the attendant in the face multiple times, according to the video.The victim was cleaning the living room when Zhao suddenly asked her to stop and slapped her.Zhao scolded the victim for the way she was vacuuming the floor and told her to"use your eyes to see"."It was wrong.

Shortly after, Zhao slapped the victim again forcefully.Prosecutors said the flight attendant, who was not named in court documents, was taken to a hospital with injuries that included a swollen eye, a bruised arm and a cut under her eye that had to be stitched.The victim was shocked and spoke to the accused.I can't make it any better.Zhao then shouted at the victim:"Do it my way! What you're doing is your way! Everything I teach you, everything cannot remember!" Zhao continued shouting at the victim, who replied again.Zhao got angry and hit the victim's arm and pulled her hair while shouting."If I could go back and redo it all, I would.In imposing the longer sentence, Robinson"strongly considered the need for general deterrence", Jaclyn Stahl, an assistant US attorney, said in an email.She swung her hand and hit the victim's cheek and arm, and kicked her twice at her upper thigh.

When the victim used her hands to block the blows, Zhao shouted, among other things:"How dare you?!" Zhao's son was in the living room during this assault and asked his mother why she was hitting the maid, to which she replied that the victim"did wrong" and"hit mum"." The church confirmed that he would not continue as pastor and the local police said they had started an investigation.When Zhao stopped hitting her, the victim continued with housework while Zhao shouted various things, including:"If you do it your way, I slap you.The letter said the company's executive team had heard from"countless flight attendants" who felt under attack during a pandemic that pushed fear around travel to an all-time high.I will make sure you remember that, and my slap is always harder.Get The New Paper on your phone with the free TNP app." About half an hour later, still unhappy with how the victim had done housework earlier, Zhao walked up to the victim and slapped her forcefully again.The victim did not retaliate.Even worse, the incident was captured on video and cast across television and media channels.

For the next 15 minutes, Zhao continued scolding her about various issues.She pulled the victim's hands, kicked the victim at her upper thigh and hit her arm repeatedly while scolding the woman for"arguing" with her.At about 5.15pm, the victim called the police.She had not reported the assaults earlier as she was afraid of losing her job and feared Zhao, the court heard.

While the victim was making the police report, Zhao stared at her.When the call ended, Zhao immediately slapped the victim forcefully, hit her head, pulled her hair and kicked her while shouting.When police arrived, they asked to view the CCTV footage but Zhao refused to show it to them.Zhao's husband returned home later and informed the police officers that there were memory cards in the CCTV cameras.These were seized for investigations.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where she was found to have a contusion on her forehead and abrasions on various parts of her body.Zhao also suffered bruises from the victim's efforts to defend herself against the assaults."HUMILIATING" ABUSE, SAYS PROSECUTION The prosecution sought at least five to seven months' jail and a fine of about S$1,000, highlighting the victim's vulnerability as a migrant without a support network and in a subordinate position to her employer.Ms Teo argued that the sustained abuse caused increasing psychological harm with each escalating incident, adding that the victim would cry and feel traumatised when she recounted what happened.The nature of the abuse was also"humiliating", as it was calculated to bully the victim into submission, said the prosecutor.

Defence lawyer John Koh raised Zhao's post-natal depression in mitigation, although Ms Teo argued that this was found not to have a significant contributory link to Zhao's offences.Zhao earlier made voluntary compensation of S$6,300 to the victim for the pain and suffering she experienced, her prospective earnings during unemployment and the damage to her phone.The punishment for voluntarily causing hurt is jail for up to two years, a fine of up to S$5,000 or both.Zhao was liable for an enhanced penalty of one-and-a-half times the maximum punishment as she committed the offences against a domestic worker.The offence of mischief is punishable with jail for up to one year, a fine or both.


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A nurse? 5 months only for hitting someone repeatedly Show her the way To Gaol Honestly, she dont deserved jail time. She deserved to be slapped the same number of times. Wah so evil.

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