HSA finds illegal mask-making, repackaging facility in Ubi; more than 80,000 masks seized

11/6/2021 6:52:00 AM

HSA finds illegal mask-making, repackaging facility in Ubi; more than 80,000 masks seized

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Personally feel they r ok. As long as they registered a company and declared their business model. Nothing wrong. Made in Singapore Gulp... the cheap one bought online could be made from a more unhygienic environment! Their design is nice though. Damn... we'll only know the effect on our health after a few years later.

Both the manufactured and repackaged masks were sold under the brand name Vision Empire Healthcare. They were found to be manufactured in an unhygienic makeshift environment and placed in carton boxes, which were left out in the open. Read more here: Thank you HSA for keeping us safe Well done HSA. Thank you for keeping us safe.

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Yishun pet shop manager fined S$2,000 for fighting with Covid-19 safe distancing ambassadorSINGAPORE — A 48-year-old pet shop manager was fined S$2,000 on Wednesday (June 9) over a scuffle with a safe distancing ambassador (SDA), who had spotted him allegedly not wearing a face mask in the store. This immediate fine. That fucked up naval cb gets the luxury to lock lips wif judge, police n attorneys. Ya so what tis pos fight wif the safety ambassador? The title shd be better labelled. Even though the owner fought, but it was the SDA who kicked him 1st. Omg the agency who hire SDAs never screen applicants? Tt SDA in qns hv prev conflict w another person before also (kicking again). So aggressive how to engage public? Scary.