How much exercise do we need to live longer?

How much exercise do we need to live longer?

19/9/2021 4:00:00 AM

How much exercise do we need to live longer?

NEW YORK — To increase our chances for a long life, we probably should take at least 7,000 steps a day or play sports such as tennis, cycling, swimming, jogging or badminton for more than 2.5 hours per week, according to two large-scale new studies of the relationship between physical activity and longevity.

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Covid-19: Coffee shops must designate ‘fixed point’, such as drinks stall, to check patrons’ vaccination status

The problem is we all want Data backed instructions. 10K steps, 600 calories, stand for 12 hours. When will we realize all these are a facade to sell so called smart watches. Life does not work in isolation. 1- Listen to your body. It will always tell you what it needs

Japan's steel industry wants new govt to maximise use of nuclear powerTOKYO : Japan's steel industry wants the new government to pursue an energy policy that features maximum use of nuclear power, Industry federation chief Eiji Hashimoto told a news conference on Friday.Hashimoto, the chairman of the Japan Iron and Steel Federation, is also the president of the country's bi

Australia reports 1,882 new COVID-19 cases as police quell protestsMELBOURNE: Australia recorded 1,882 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday (Sep 18), as thousands of police officers in Sydney and Melbourne were deployed to quell planned anti-lockdown protests, setting up checkpoints and barricades. Several hundred people managed to gather in downtown Melbourne, and local media Good luck

934 new local COVID-19 infections in Singapore; rise in cases of serious illnessSINGAPORE: Singapore reported 934 new local COVID-19 infections on Friday (Sep 17), comprising 838 community cases and 96 dormitory residents. Among the new local cases, 241 were seniors above the age of 60, said the Ministry of Health (MOH). There was also one imported case, taking the tota Modeling for S'pore - - Some preliminary results of Booster in Israel, world's leader in Booster Shots. Sadly, Deaths number surges as Boosters surges. 🤯🙃

Larger living spaces, en-suite toilets among improved standards for all new migrant worker dormitoriesThe improved standards will 'strengthen resilience' against future pandemics, said the Manpower Ministry. More than 50,000 COVID-19 cases have been recorded in dormitories in Singapore since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. I feel like they should have said... Because we took in the public advice that migrant workers are human beings and not caged animals... Should have done it earlier, right from the start, pls no empty talk tyvm Do you know if you are going to have to pay for it? Exploitation is an Art

Spoons become a new symbol of Palestinian 'freedom'The humble spoon has taken its place alongside traditional flags and banners as a Palestinian resistance symbol, after prisoners were said to have carried out one of Israel's most spectacular jail breaks with the utensil.

New ferry service to Southern Islands as part of Sentosa's sustainability plansSINGAPORE: Getting to the Southern Islands from Sentosa could soon be a hop, skip and a jump away, with a new ferry jetty at Sentosa Cove Village expected to start services by December. Visitors to the Southern Islands, including St John\u0027s and Lazarus island, can look forward to “low-carbon leisure Learn the truth about the vaccines. It’s all on my Twitter page. ⚡️