Hong Kong Protests, Tear Gas, Victoria Park, Sham Shui Po, Kwai Fong, Train Station

Hong Kong Protests, Tear Gas

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters in train station

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters in train station

11/8/2019 11:16:00 PM

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters in train station

HONG KONG: Police in Hong Kong fired volleys of tear gas on Sunday (Aug 11) at thousands of pro-democracy protesters who defied warnings from ...

BookmarkHONG KONG: Police in Hong Kong fired volleys of tear gas on Sunday (Aug 11) at thousands of pro-democracy protesters who defied warnings from authorities to hit the streets for the 10th weekend in a row.The protesters staged a second night of"hit-and-run" rallies, splitting into small groups that scattered across the city to set up temporary roadblocks and face off against riot police.

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AdvertisementAdvertisementProtesters with protection gears face off with Hong Kong riot policemen on a street during the anti-extradition bill protest. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)Police denied their requests for permits to stage a march from the city's Victoria Park and in the Sham Shui Po neighbourhood, but the protesters gathered anyway.

By early Sunday afternoon, thousands were in Victoria Park, braving hot and humid conditions."The police should try their best to maintain public security instead of rejecting our request to march," said a 25-year-old protester who gave only her family name, Wong. headtopics.com

AdvertisementAdvertisement"We're still here ... We won't worry that much about illegal assembly. We still have our rights," she told AFP.In Sham Shui Po, they used metal fencing and plastic ties to construct makeshift barricades and block the road near the local police station, shining blue lasers at the building as officers held up a flag warning the crowd to disperse.

Protesters use steels barricades to form a defensive line inside the Quarry bay MTR station as they face off with Hong Kong riot police. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)A woman ran across the stretch of the no-man's land between the two sides, clutching an orange shopping bag as she tried to avoid the confrontation.

Shortly afterwards, protesters threw bricks and police began firing tear gas.'THE LAST HOPE'Other demonstrators blocked roads in Wan Chai, where police headquarters is located, and the Causeway Bay shopping district, chanting"reclaim Hong Kong, revolution of our times".

"There is no chance of retreating, and as a Hong Konger, this is the last hope we see of being able to achieve democracy," said a 20-year-old protester who gave his last name as Lam."We still love Hong Kong and we think Hong Kong still has a chance of obtaining a democratic system." headtopics.com

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Elsewhere, scuffles broke out between pro-Beijing residents and unidentified bystanders - as well as media - with police intervening in some cases to pull people apart.READ: Australian universities become battleground over Hong Kong protestsProtesters also faced off against police in the Kwai Fong train station, with the demonstrators using fire extinguishers and a water hose against riot officers who fired tear gas into the terminal.

Protesters jump over MTR gates as they move to another destination during the anti-extradition bill protest in Hong Kong. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)Riot police use pepper spray against protesters during the anti-extradition bill protest in Hong Kong. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

The apparently random and constant movement of protesters throughout the city reflected the mantra of flexible action that they have adopted dubbed"be water.""We are leaderless, and practically everything is being decided by those on the front lines, and we follow along," said a protester who gave his surname as Cheung.

"I think our previous tactics of staying in one place led to many arrests and injuries," added another 17-year-old student activist who gave only his surname, Chan."We need to 'be water' to avoid injuries."'INTERNAL PERILS' headtopics.com

But the tactic was not enough to keep everyone safe, with at least nine people sustaining injuries during the hours of confrontations, a government official said.One was in serious condition, and a second in stable condition, the official added. It was not immediately clear if the number included a police officer who authorities said suffered burns from a petrol bomb thrown by demonstrators.

A Hong Kong policeman uses water to help clean his colleague's eyes after he was hit by pepper spray as they face off with protesters. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)Police made arrests at several locations throughout the day, with protesters accusing plainclothes officers of dressing in the movement's signature black to infiltrate their ranks and detain activists.

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The atmosphere was markedly different from the peaceful sit-in that protesters staged for a third and final day at the airport, billed as way to explain the movement to arriving visitors. Read more: CNA »

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HongKong Who teach them to fire tears gas into enclosed place. It can kill.... At 0:14 you can see 'tear gas' 'fired' from a fire distinguisher. I know I know they are trying to put out the gas with that and eye-blinding laser. hk is bad From what we know the HongKongPolice usually issued warning before firing those tear gas. Not so sure about the petrol bombs.

They didn't listen to the peaceful protests, what did you think would happen? Corner an animal and it'll bite. These people are scared and for VERY good reason. More people should be standing up to China as well. Lily Lau well said and fully support your point of view and comments and let the whole world know the actual situation that we are confronting and inhaling the expired poisonous teargases and this is how Carrie lam is treating the hkers

Were what the protesters doing correct? time to act Protester firing grenade launcher at police Stupid or STUPID is this? Firing tear gas INSIDE a working train station?! Hello?! Only protesters using the train?! The chief and ones who fired the canisters ought to be locked in a room with no protection and gassed! BODOH KNN!

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Hong Kong police fire tear gas during another weekend of protestsHONG KONG — Hong Kong police fired volleys of tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters on Saturday (Aug 10), and demonstrators swiftly gathered elsewhere during another tense and restive weekend.

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