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Hong Kong police arrest 11 on suspicion of aiding activists' escape attempt: Reports

Hong Kong police arrest 11 on suspicion of aiding activists' escape attempt: Reports

14/1/2021 6:22:00 AM

Hong Kong police arrest 11 on suspicion of aiding activists' escape attempt: Reports

HONG KONG : Hong Kong police have arrested 11 people over suspected crimes related to assisting a group of 12 activists accused of attempting to ...

Those arrested, ages 18 to 72, according to local broadcaster RTHK, included eight men and three women.AdvertisementAdvertisementDaniel Wong, a lawyer who tried to help the 12 people detained in China last August, was among those arrested.Wong wrote on Facebook that police arrived at his apartment at 6am local time.

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Police told Reuters they were still gathering information and could not make any immediate comment.AdvertisementAdvertisementLocal media said those arrested were suspected of assisting the 12 Hong Kong residents, who faced charges related to anti-government protests in the city in 2019, in their attempt to flee last year.

In late December, a Chinese court sentenced 10 of them to between seven months and three years in prison for illegally crossing the border, in a case that drew international attention and concern over the treatment of the activists.Two, who were minors at the time of arrest, have been returned to Hong Kong. headtopics.com

The detainees' families said they had been denied access to independent lawyers and aired suspicion that Hong Kong authorities helped in China's arrests.AdvertisementTaiwan has become a popular destination for Hong Kong activists since Beijing imposed a national security law in June 2020, a move that critics say is aimed at stamping out dissent and curbing freedoms.

More than 100 people have now been arrested under the national security law.Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1997 with the guarantee of freedoms not seen in China, including freedom of speech and assembly. Democracy activists complain that Communist Party rulers in China are whittling away at those freedoms, a charge Beijing rejects.

The United States and European Union have called for the activists to be released and allowed to return to Hong Kong. Read more: CNA »

kerokero_HKer Hongkonger & our friends are under HumanitarianCrisis now :( Pls dont give up HK in this big crisis, HKer not surrender! Still fighting for justice, HumanRight & democracy! Dear world, StandWithHK! SOSHK FreeHK save12hkyouth HongKongNeedsHelp NationalSecurityLaw what we want is democracy and freedom, are we too greedy? StandWithHongKong

This is part of the CCP’s plan to eliminate democratic forces, and the National Security Law is their weapon. According to this evil law that can be used arbitrarily, any democrat, whether at home or abroad or planning to flee, is equally at risk😔 kerokero_HKer The World should say no to Tyranny! . Although facing the evil Chinazi, NationalSecurityLaw & PoliceBrutality, Hongkongers are not giving up! Sanction XiJinPing, CarrieLam, HKGov & CCP Officals! FreeHK SOSHK SAVE12HKYOUTHS StandWithHongKong AntiChinazi

Totally unacceptable and ridiculous! The law is used to against the dissident in Hong Kong! Fighting for democracy and freedom has became a crime in Hong Kong! The National Security Law is definitely nothing about protecting Hong Kong people but instead a tool for the CCP to clear all the pro-democrats in 🇭🇰, to censor any voice from opponents, and put 🇭🇰 to dead......

kerokero_HKer Say no to Tyranny! . As a Hongkonger, my dream is simple but difficult.. So difficult for HK to have justice, HumanRight, liberty & democracy.. But We’re still fighting! save12hkyouths No PoliceBrutality, CCP Chinazi Totalitarianism! StandWithHongKong StandWithHK ChoiHungGuLeung How evil can the Chinazi Tyranny be? . Hongkonger well knew CCP China & HKPolice HKGov are evil brutal Totalitarianism long ago.. HKer is still fighting, For justice, HumanRight & democracy! StandWithHK FreeHK SAVE12HKYOUTHS SOSHK SAVE12 StandWithHongKong

The line further fades between the China and Hong Kong. When CCP persecution the lawyer Lu Siwei and Ren Quanniu The Gestapo Police in HK start to persecution Daniel Wong. OneCountryTwoSystemsIsDead Beijing will continue to stifle democratic activists in Hong Kong by all means. The case of Hong Kong 12 has not yet ended. The fight for freedoms has not yet ended.

While a 🇬🇧 QC barrister is to be employed by HK gov to persecute Jimmy Lai, some HK lawyer is arrested for standing for civil rights. StandWithHongKong HK pro-democracy protesters are seriously oppressed by CCP. Some are silenced, some are fleeing in place w/ freedom & lobby for HK, some are detained w/o bail & some are jailed. But they all still fighting for HK freedom. Pls continue to support HK protesters. standwithhk

distraught by both the fact that these honorable and courageous souls didn't flee the regime when they still had a chance but instead tried to continue on with their commendable work 😭😭😭😭 Among those arrested, one of them is lawyer Daniel Wong, who asked HongKongers not to give up democracy, justice and human rights even when he was arrested. Thanks all them for save12hkyouths previously.

We can't stop, we can't say no, we can't fear even under NationalSecurityLaw ! Please always StandWithHongKong and BoycottChina ! Systemic persecution by depriving freedom and democracy, torturing and killing HKers are the war crime like Hilter's administration in WW2 did. Action to end CCP before CCP controlling our world for your own safety

More than 100 people have been arrested under the national security law. The CCP have zero tolerance policy towards opposition and counter-revolution activities. Rule of Law is simply dead, A lot of ridiculous court rulings out there. We do need help from the world Just an excuse to take away the activists phone for CCP to analysis. And also restrict their freedom of travelling foreign countries.

CCPChina is evil ! Another political prosecution example in Hong Kong, to arrest activist with nonsense reason, the regime is killing our judicial system, human rights and freedom. StandWithHongKong HangInThere Hong kong never the same as before with arresting more people so sadly hopefully this will blow over,

And they arrested a lawyer! What kind of regimes raids press room and mass arrests media owner, journalists, popularly elected lawmakers, humanrights lawyers and dissidents? Further persecution!! Not only did HKGov did nothing to help the 12 HKers detained in China, now they arrested 11 more. Hong Kong is no longer safe for the young protestors so they need to flee. save12youths StandWithHongKong We must continue to voice out!

Will the people die if they have other voices? CCP_is_terrorists StandWithHongKong Hong Kong more precious and important is Hong Kong peoples. But CCP could sacrifice anything and peoples to protect their regime. CCPChina CCP_is_terrorists HKPoliceState NationalSecurityLaw The CCP and the puppet HongKong government can arrest everyone under the NationalSecurityLaw. HongKong is totally off and become the NewBerlin. OneCountryTwoSystemIsDead. HongKongers, even non-HKer not in HK are not safe under that law. StandWithHongKong save12hkyouths

Take all the cockroaches out of the city ! Bravo Hongkong police !! Just recapping that helping people who have criminal cases escape jurisdiction is also a crime in Singapore