Hong Kong, Au Nok-Hin, Convict

Hong Kong, Au Nok-Hin

Hong Kong ex-lawmaker convicted for protest assault with loudhailer

Hong Kong ex-lawmaker convicted for protest assault with loudhailer

6/4/2020 4:13:00 PM

Hong Kong ex-lawmaker convicted for protest assault with loudhailer

A former Hong Kong lawmaker was convicted on Monday of using a loudhailer to assault police officers during huge pro-democracy protests that ...

BookmarkHONG KONG: A former Hong Kong lawmaker was convicted on Monday (Apr 6) of using a loudhailer to assault police officers during huge protests that convulsed the finance hub last year.Au Nok-hin is the first former member of the city's legislature to be successfully prosecuted for taking part in the protests and the most high profile figure convicted to date.

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AdvertisementAdvertisementHong Kong's courts have a huge backlog of cases stemming from last year's protests which dominated the city for seven straight months and upended its reputation for stability.Some 7,000 people were arrested, many of them youngsters, in the near-daily clashes between riot police and protesters.

On Monday, Kowloon City Magistrates Court found Au guilty of assaulting two police officers with a portable loud speaker on Jul 8.The court heard that Au, who was demanding to meet the local police commander during a dispersal operation, caused acute hearing impairment to one police officer by shouting through the loud hailer.

AdvertisementAdvertisementHe was also convicted of striking another police officer's shield with the speaker.Hong Kong's protests were initially triggered by a now-scrapped government plan to allow extraditions to mainland China's opaque, party-controlled courts.

As city leaders dug their heels in the movement snowballed into the most concerted popular revolt against Beijing's rule since the city's 1997 handover.Au, who was ousted from being a lawmaker in December by a separate court decision, was bailed and will be sentenced at a later date.

Outside court, Au called on authorities to reconsider prosecuting so many people."Many of them are facing their whole lives being impacted," he told reporters.The protests have largely died down, first with a huge increase in arrests, but also because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But the city remains deeply polarised.The city's pro-Beijing leadership have made little attempt at reconciliation since the protests ended.The police force is also now widely loathed by a large chunk of the city, with calls for an independent inquiry rejected and no officers prosecuted to date.

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Breasts, loudhailers and umbrellas are all weapons for HKPoliceTerrorist while tear gas, water cannons are not. HK has turned into a police state. HKPoliceState we should notice that the Judge of this case is an apparent blue-ribbon as shown by her fb post blaming protesters as 'cockroaches' and humiliating pro-democracy lawmaker. How can the lawful system employ such person with strong political stances to handle political cases

⬆️ This is assault on police ⬇️ This is minimal force RuleOfLaw HongKong HongKongProtests HKPolice Rule by law again and again. Will the western world still believe Hong Kong is safe to do business here? Ridiculous and crazy !!! HKPoliceState Judicial system in Hong Kong is no longer independent, it's now under the control of HKPolice, and CCP behind it

First one is charged female protestor use breast attack hongkong police Now, charge use loudhailer attack them Future if you have eyes contact police, they didn’t like you, they will charge you CarrieLam & its govt & HKPoliceState are puppets of CCP only. She give up HK autonomy & core values of freedom & justice. Govt protect illegal act of Police to harm ppl unaccountably. Justice in HK is threatened. Fight for 5 demands.

No more rule of law, only rule by law already... HKPoliceState hk police is ridiculous This is way out of line? No government at all...👎👎👎 PoliceState liberateHongKong UniversalSuffrage If these things can be regarded as weapon, I believe Hong Kong is now under control of true Hong Kongers because we have 2,000,000 people but HKPF only have 30,000. However that is not the case.

Nowadays, although the polices kill the teenagers, no one will get punishments🤷🏻‍♂️ Hong Kong is turning into a police state HKPoliceState That's the so-called rule of law seriously, he was surrounded and threatened by police at that time, how can a loudhailer cause any harm to them? the judge chose to turn a blind eye to the extreme force used by the hk police (rubber bullet, water cannon, pepper spray, bean bag)

Even though the confession given by the police was contradicted, the ex-lawmaker was still sentenced as guilty. Can we say that HongKong still has Justice ? HKPolice killed innocent citizen! HKPoliceState Hong Kong police target pro-democracy legislators & district councillors as they demand to investigate PoliceBrutality, so they want to scare them off. Unluckily Department of (In)Justice & some pro-Beijing judges also help them.

It doesn't make sense There is no freedom of speech, press and human right under CCP. Now the rules of law is broken by CCP too. Hong Kong is now a Police state. StandWithHongKong 5demandsnotoneless HongKongPoliceTerrorism PoliceBrutality Shame on HK police of being the puppet of the evil CCP regime!!!

Ridiculous! this sanction only be sensible when the police is telling the truth. tho the court assume police is reliable, accountable witness, it is doubt that they are not now. Lies everyday told by HongkongPoliceTerrorism HongKongPoliceState HongKongPoliceBrutality Hong Kong's judiciary seems to be executing directions of the CCP, to assist the CCP oppression in Hong Kong

Lawmaker was accused by attacking police by noise of loudspeaker. Yet no police was accused ! Law is dead! StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom Rule of law becomes a joke in our Hong Kong. We need to fight for our democracy to rebuild the justice system which protect the citizens’ right and oversee the government.

This would never happen in Hong Kong pre 1997 or anywhere with RuleOfLaw -no police'd arrest/charge anyone for shouting thru a loudhailer -no prosecutor'd take this to the court -no judge'd find guilty Only in HKPoliceState can this happen Ridiculous. Loudhailer becomes weapons. StandWithHongKong Please exercise HongKongHumanRightsandDemocracyAct NOW 😭 CCP suppress our freedom of speech and freedom of press. Also, they arrested protesters and attacked Hongkongers everyday. Please StandWithHongKong

Ridiculous. Don't tell me HK IS NOT a PoliceState 😡😡 His ex-lawmaker status protected him from being beaten up or 'being suicided' This is completely ridiculous. Tell me about how rule of law in Hong Kong is well preserved. I don’t think we can beat the creativity and ridiculous of HKPoliceState and the rule of law in HK. A megaphone is more terrify than guns, pepper spray and water canon truck and HKPoliceBrutality

So ridiculous and unfair! The evil HK police attack normal citizens and maltreat young protesters without consequences! Our democratic leader is convicted just because he has tried to offer assistance on the conflict scene! What’s the problem of our judicial system? This is hilarious, but this is what Hong Kongers are facing day by day. Irrational verdict is expected when you are against the corrupted government and police, while those police who have used excessive force still got paid for their dirty jobs. Hong Kong is a police state.

Great. Great judge, great law. Brutal Hongkong. The court has failed to consider the systematic corruption in HKPolice. I am not sure but claiming the verdicts from HKPolice is ‘trustworthy’ by the judge simply reflected that the judge is turning a blind eye on the corruptions. There is no things are the most ridiculous, they only go more and more ridiculous...

CCP tightens its control and invasion in HK and destroys our laws and regulations. Hong Kong turns into PoliceState with the support of CCP. Even PoliceBrutality is getting extremely serious nowadays. Universal suffrage is the only way toward democracy. Loudhailer, laser pointer, camera...everything you have for school sports grounds are illegal. Yet the police firing bullet parallel is minimal force.

rule of law and 1country 2systems are joke. the puppet government CarrieLam hkpoliceforce are making hongkong as PoliceState without legitimacy! never trust ccpchina for promising anything. where is universal suffrage, freedom and democracy under basic law? Yes, usally a loudhailer 'attack' the shield of police in Hong Kong now become criminal offence. Yet if u know the context of how PoliceState beat citizen, u will see sth fishy and rotten in Hong Kong. StandWithHongKong

PoliceState destroys our rule of law. Law has been used as political persecution against pro democracy protestors. CCP is the culprit! We still fighing because many things is so ridiculous and happening in Hong Kong everyday. This is one of them. HKpolicestate Covered by HK government and CCP. We feel sad everyday and keep moving.

This is total bs. When police arbitrary use of pepper spray, batons, tear gas, rubber bullets and even live rounds arent considered PoliceBrutality Why is an act of negotiation be considered an assault? Fuck Hong Kong, a police state! There are a lot of ‘police’ abusing their power. What they are doing are inhumane. Unfortunately, we can’t see any consequences of their crazy and inhumane act. Justice? No longer exists in HongKong nowadays. HKPoliceTerrorists

We are living in a police state. The law is dead. 'Coincidentally', the very same magistrate who convicted the ex-lawmaker freed a police officer after he slapped a friend and damaged the friend's ear's functionality by 40%. Coincidentally. This is the PoliceState of Hong Kong. speechless. first it was a woman convicted for assaulting police with her breast, then a student with a laser pen is said to be in possession of weapons. now this. Hong Kong as a modern, civilised, world-class city is truly over.

This city is dead. R.I.P. The well-equipped Hong Kong police were pushing Au & journalists. Appalling that puppet govnt is still intensifying political persecution on pro-democracy activists & citizens, during the coronavirus outbreak. WuhanVirus In 2016, the woman was charged with chest attack police Until 2020 today, These assault charges cases are unreasonable, and it lso reflects that the police power is too large, CCP penetration law,the law has lost its authority ... StandWithHongKong hongkong sos hk

No HongKongPoliceTerrorist get arrested even today Rule by law in HongKongcourt HKPoliceTerrorists HKPoliceBrutality Seaotte30604563 Can any Global Organizations judge for those police brutality ? “Assault “ vs the “minimum” use of force. Why don’t the police change the gun to loudhailer? Using loudspeaker means police assaulting, while police bruality take no consequence. This is Hong Kong's rule of law.

When Hong Kong peoples injury by HK riots Police, there are no result to the HK riots Police! It's not fair. HKPoliceState Loudhailer hardly ever causes bloodshed... Yet in most events (not necessarily protest-like) we see HK police attacking people with pepper sprays and batons... Protestors covered in blood, fainted, or lost consciousness.. HKPoliceTerrorists HKPoliceBrutality HKPoliceState

It reminds me of using the breast to assault The rule of law in HongKong is gone. Not only the government officials and the cops but also the judges that made these decisions should be on the sanction list. When a loudhailer is a weapon but real bullets don’t hurt. lemon60356117 Oh yeah the ability to fus ro dah the police would be useful for us HKers. Come on seriously, if you can't even handle voices from a loud speaker so much so you have to press charges, you need to seriously rethink your career choice (or more importantly, your moral choice)

It’s ridiculous and can not imagine that if you speak loud to them and what will gonna happen. Oh my god😱 Hope HKPolice will be sanctioned soon. Support Hong Kong! hau_hk Sad for HK... To me, the judge and HKPolice are the true evil criminal! Chinazi Terrorist! Where’s justice?!? :( HKPoliceTerrorism PoliceTerrorism HKPoliceState PoliceState HKPoliceTerrorists

This is so ridiculous SOSHK Now the Hong Kong pro-democracy side is suffering from political suppressing Even a famous ex-lawmaker Suffer from these treatment, could you imagine how a no-name protestors would be treated inside the police station and the court? Now the executive-judiciary-collude is severe

Under the Basic Law, judges are appointed by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR on the recommendation of the Judicial Officers Recommendation Commission. That's why Hong Kong usually has unfair trials because most of the judges in HongKong are decided by CCP. SOSHK hkeranton8964 It is so sad to see HK’s legal system got so corrupted and failed to achieve justice... PoliceState HKPoliceState PoliceTerrorism HKPoliceTerrorism

Yet another injustice happened in Hong Kong, the judicial system doesn’t deserve our trust anymore. It is ridiculous to think of using loudhailer being classified as an assault, but the court agreed with the police, siding with such ungrounded conviction, judicial system is dead. Hong Kong is a PoliceState.

It’s not the first time HKPoliceTerrorists to be “so fragile” and easily assaulted. There is no rule of law in Hong Kong when citizens are convicted with such nonsense reasons. Law is in favour of those in power (hkgov and police) The recent arbitrarily arrest of the pro-democracy activists proves that the HKPoliceState still exists and the rule of law in HK is dead. The HK Gov has learned nothing from the failure of the extradition law but keeps threatening the HKprotesters . FreeHongKong

zerazumi 制裁PK鄧💪📝 Ridiculous! Shame on HKPolice !!! FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong HKPoliceTerrorists hkpolicebrutality hkpolicestate The legal system in Hong Kong is no longer trustworthy. The judgements are mostly biased when it comes to the protest-related cases. A few years ago, a woman had been accused of attacking the police with her chest as a weapon. Federal Society is just a joke under the control of CCP.

It is too ridiculous! hkprotester was convicted for assaulting police with loudhailer. How about HKPoliceTerrorists? How many people were seriously injured by HKpolice? Were any of them brought to justice? So ridiculous, but more is coming as rule of law is dead already in HongKong. Shameless puppet Hong Kong government, using laws as political oppression tools.

This is ridiculous. Megaphone as a weapon !? HKPoliceState StandWithHongKong Absurd ❗️Ridiculous ❗️ It is now ruled that sound can make someone hurt. Can the protesters accuse the police hurting them by using loudspeakers & the like (by civil litigation?) If not, it is indeed more insane and rule by law and what a HongKongpolicestate‼️

if this case is convicted, there are far more cases involved the HKPoliceTerrorists need to be convict!! 😡there is no legal system in HK anymore! the dirty cops will never send to jail!!! Another proof shown to the world that there is no longer RuleOfLaw in Hong Kong. The judges are controlled by CCP. HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorists AntiChinazi antiELAB

Over 8 months. There’s still no one of HKPoliceTerrorists attacked citizens be held accountable. pic1: hkpolice on bike crashed people intentionally was just reprimanded. Next time staring at terrorist police can be accused for attacking them. HKPoliceTerrorists HKPoliceState ridiculous. no wonder there are more and more Hongkongers say that rule of law in this city has died and turned into zombie

the police officers had contradictive speech in the court but the judge still said it was a believable witness. Rule of law in HK is dead and it is completely a PoliceState FightForFreedomStandWithHongKong chinazi Till now, there were many civilians and pro-democracy activists being sentenced, but none of the cops were held accountable for their brutality and abusive arrestment. HK has turned into a city of police state where the rule of law has been breached. HongKongPoliceTerrorists

In the eyes of HongKongPolice , a regular loudhailer is like this ridiculous, both HKpolice and hk RuleOfLaw is not working right anymore Nowadays HKPolice is an non disciplined forces which they always insulting protesters with emotion like mental illness. When the policemen don't need to take any responsibilities for their illegal behaviour with their guns, pepper spray and tear gas while an ex-lawmaker is convicted for the assault with loudhailer, I know that the rule of law has been dead. HKPoliceBrutality SOSHK

The rule of law in Hong Kong is dead and the city should lose its special trading status because it's not different from China anymore. HKPoliceState at work HongKongProtests There is no more rule of law in HK. The interests of foreign enterprise will soon be threatened by CCP Time to divestHK Protestor were beaten with bone frature and told the court that they have unfair confession recording, yet the court said this is not use telling in court Now a loud speaker can assault police Role of law and judicial independence in HK = a joke! HKPoliceState

I'd say police brutality in HK has far exceeded that of any developed countries. HKPolice uttered blatant lies not just to persecute their critics, but to rationalise their humanitarian crimes: smearing rape victims, torturing protesters… This is HKPoliceTerrorism. Sadly the rule of law is DEAD in Hong Kong....

HK police used 📢📢 ACOUSTIC DEVICE 📢📢 against protesters and that was deemed lawful and safe 🤷🏽‍♀️ A interesting joke A loudhailer. This is the rule of law in Hong Kong nowadays. This is ridiculous. HKPoliceBrutality is never stop 👿 Please StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom So the police can be assaulted by a loudhailer...but not convicted when they shot journalists, beat and shot unarmed people, or allowed thugs to attack civilians. In HKPoliceState, police = law. HKPoliceBrutality is the norm and there’s no bottomline.

No more legal justice, the law in HK is helps government and police to prosecute people who are pro-democracy. Sadly Under this logic, if I am speaking loudly, I am also assaulting the police? HongKongPoliceState Rule of law is dead in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's judges are now co-operating with government to suppress dissidents. However, all police who break the law are committed with impunity... HongKongPoliceState HongKongPoliceTerrorists

The justice in HK is completely corrupted and ridiculous, even before the Extradition bill. In 2015, a woman is convicted for attacking police officer w/ BREAST ! HongKong Rule of law is dead, or even never existed in Hong Kong. that’s utterly ridiculous. It can be seen that the rule of law in Hong Kong has been corrupted and completely controlled by those in power. Female boobs👉Can attack the police Stargazing pen👉Can attack the police speaker👉Can attack the police But... Police minimum force👇

Insane Hong Kong is Police State Now It’s really non sense that the use of loudhailer can treat as assaulting police Are u joking? But this is Hong Kong 😔 Hong Kong's judges are accomplices with the Anti-Democracy Squad in the crime. Hong Kong law is being abused by the judges. AntiChinazi AntiDemocracySquad HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorism

It cannot be more ridiculous than that! hongkong is now a policestate SOSHK FightForFreedom hongkongautonomy

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