Hong Kong ex-lawmaker convicted for assaulting police with loudhailer during protest

Hong Kong ex-lawmaker convicted for assaulting police with loudhailer during protest

6/4/2020 3:48:00 PM

Hong Kong ex-lawmaker convicted for assaulting police with loudhailer during protest

HONG KONG (AFP) - A former Hong Kong lawmaker was convicted on Monday (April 6) of using a loudhailer to assault police officers during huge pro-democracy protests that convulsed the finance hub last year.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

Au Nok Hin is the first former member of the city's legislature to be successfully prosecuted for taking part in the protests and is the most high-profile figure convicted to date.Hong Kong's courts have a huge backlog of cases stemming from last year's protests which dominated the city for seven straight months and upended its reputation for stability.

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Some 7,000 people were arrested, many of them youngsters, in the near-daily clashes between riot police and protesters.On Monday, Kowloon City Magistrates Court found Au guilty of assaulting two police officers with a portable loudspeaker on July 8 last year.

The court heard that Au, who was demanding to meet the local police commander during a dispersal operation, caused acute hearing impairment to one police officer by shouting through the loudhailer.He was also convicted of striking another police officer's shield with the device.

Hong Kong's protests were initially triggered by a now-scrapped government plan to allow extraditions to mainland China's opaque, party-controlled courts.As city leaders dug their heels in the movement snowballed into the most concerted popular revolt against Beijing's rule since the city's 1997 handover.

Au, who was ousted from being a lawmaker in December by a separate court decision, was bailed and will be sentenced at a later date.Outside court, Au called on the authorities to reconsider prosecuting so many people."Many of them are facing their whole lives being impacted," he told reporters.

The protests have largely died down, first with a huge increase in arrests, but also because of the coronavirus pandemic. But the city remains deeply polarised.The city's pro-Beijing leadership have made little attempt at reconciliation since the protests ended.

The police force is also now widely loathed by a large chunk of the city, with calls for an independent inquiry rejected and no officers prosecuted to date. Read more: The Straits Times »

It’s rediculous. Can’t imagine how a loudhailer could be a weapon to attack police. Seems HK Police are made by glass. HKPoliceState notice the Judge of this case is an apparent blue-ribbon as shown by her fb post blaming protesters as 'cockroaches' and humiliating pro-democracy lawmaker. How can the lawful system employ such person with strong political stances to handle political cases ruleofmonster

轉 First one charge female protestor use breast attack hongkong police and she in jail 3 mount 15 day Now charge use speaker Future, eyes contact ? We don’t know It’s absurd! A mediator is convicted! Does it imply the police brutality consented!? Does it mean anyone tried to help would be punished? even thought violent suppression!?

it us same as using boobs to attack, hk police are made with paper Under the evil claws of CCPChina , the rule of law, human rights and, democracy, which a liberal state should have, are nearly dying. The foreign country must pay serious attentions to their citizens and capital in HongKong . liberateHongKong UniversalSuffrage

Police use the gun kill our teenagers, no problem Flight for freedom, whatever you do was charged by police🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ This is unreasonable HKPoliceState the police is the tool of the govt to suppress freedom of citizen. They use excessive force causing plenty of injuries. An eye of a journalist is being harmed and lead to blind.

Ridiculous but general in a totalitarian society this is insane! rule of law is dead. how can a loudhailer cause any harm to the hk police? the man was unarmed! Hong Kong courts are working together with the Hong Kong regime. Rule of law is the biggest joke in Hong Kong. This is a prove of PoliceBrutality as this charge is illogical. Who can believe a normal man can assault a well-trained police who was armed with shield, by a loudhailer?! Is him JohnWick ?

RIDICULOUS Hong Kong is now a city ruled by law. It is a police state! Sanctions on HongKong police Pass the MagnitskyAct Hong Kong police target pro-democracy legislators & district councillors as they demand to investigate PoliceBrutality, so they want to scare them off. Unluckily Department of (In)Justice & some pro-Beijing judges also help them.

Doraemon will be arrested by HKpolice if he lives in HongKong Death of RuleofLaw in HongKong. HKPolice will be destroyed by lady's breast 5 year ago , by a speaker nowadays . i suggest every Police with a sticker 'Fragile' or 'Handle with Care'. hkersneedavenge while the courts & police still can identify the bastard cop that shoot a journalist in the eye, after the ‘assaulted by breast’ comes one more shining example of the co-opted judiciary

this sanction only be sensible when the police is telling the truth. tho the court assume police is reliable, accountable witness, it is doubt that they are not now. Lies everyday told by HongkongPoliceTerrorism HongKongPoliceState HongKongPoliceBrutality In Hong Kong, it is minimal and necessary force while using a loudhailer is an assault. Depends on whether you support or oppose the government. chinazi HongKongProtests StandWithHongKong HongKongPolice

Lawmaker was accused of attacking police by noise of loudspeaker. Yet no police was accused of using excessive violence. StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom Rule of law becomes a joke in our Hong Kong. We need to fight for our democracy to rebuild the justice system which protect the citizens’ right and oversee the government. 5DemandsNot1Less

It's not the first time that there is unfair trial/judgment in Hong Kong that favours HKPolice. Hongkonger NgLaiying was convicted of assaulting police officer with her breast. Yes, assaulting. with her BREAST. HKPoliceTerrorists HKPoliceState It was not reasonable at all. Please exercise HongKongHumanRightsandDemocracyAct NOW 😭 CCP suppress our freedom of speech and freedom of press. Also, they arrested protesters and attacked Hongkongers everyday. Please StandWithHongKong

This would never happen in Hong Kong pre 1997 or anywhere with RuleOfLaw -no police'd arrest/charge anyone for shouting through a loudhailer -no prosecutor'd take this to the court -no judge'd find guilty Only in HKPoliceState can this happen A strong perception that justice tilts to one side... How could he be assaulting anyone with the loudhailer pointing up next to his own ear?

Loudhailer could hurt the police, woman's breast can harm a police, but the tear gas, pepper spray, batons and even bullets are minimum force the Hong Kong Police use. Ridiculous. So ridiculous and unfair! The evil HK police attack normal citizens and maltreat young protesters without consequences! Our democratic leader is convicted just because he has tried to offer assistance on the conflict scene! What’s the problem of our judicial system?

ccp and carrielam detroying onecountrytwosystem, there is not going back, we demand universal suffrage and 5DemandsNot1Less HongKongPoliceTerrorists act above all laws. This is hilarious, but this is what Hong Kongers are facing day by day. Irrational verdict is expected when you are against the corrupted government and police, while those police who have used excessive force still got paid for their dirty jobs. Hong Kong is a police state.

Great judge, brutal Hongkong. it is not a reasonable charge...... did the police officer made by glass so the voice can destroy him? A foul judgement by a HK court. It is obvious that the assault is originated from HKPolice - the judge fails to observe the systemic corruption in HKPolice and HK govt.

No safety distance? 😳 Using breast to 'attack' police, using loudhailer is 'attacking' police...but the police used different weapons to kill people is acceptable... The rule of law in Hong Kong is dead. Who is going to monitor the law enforcers, police while they are violating law and regulation. HKPoliceState is a threat to Hong Kong which endanger the international place among the world.

Police could hardly listen to instruction even with the on-site inspector when they are enjoying the blood and chaos created by themselves in protest scenes. HongKong Yes, using a loudhailer 'attack' the shield of police in Hong Kong now become criminal offence. Yet if u know the context of how PoliceState beat citizen, u see sth fishy and rotten in Hong Kong. StandWithHongKong

Sounds ridiculous? Well this is it when rule of law is destroyed by CCP For overseas friends, “assaulting” in the article does not mean beating, but using the voice with loud hailer to hurt the hk communist police Ridiculous ! Hong Kong is a PoliceState , and no RuleOfLaw anymore Please StandWithHongKong for such absurdity in judiciary and police ruling shall not be allowed! Hong Kong people wont surrender, and we would love your support and help on the way.

*With loud noise HKpolice once accused a woman of attacking a police with her chest and was successfully convicted. Now, HKpolice have again successfully prosecuted a District Councilor to use loudspeakers to attack police. Speechless....😐 HKPoliceState SaveHKPapaH This is when you need UN human rights to step in, oh wait, it’s not an option now~ 🙄

This is the PoliceState of Hong Kong. speechless. first it was a woman convicted for assaulting police with her breast, then a student with a laser pen is said to be in possession of weapons. now this. Hong Kong as a modern, civilised, world-class city is truly over. Shameless Hong Kong Govnt and shameless Judge 裁判官梁嘉琪

Joke of the year PoliceBrutality hongkong In 2016, the woman was charged with chest attack police Until 2020 today, These assault charges cases are unreasonable, and it lso reflects that the police power is too large, CCP penetration law,the law has lost its authority ... StandWithHongKong hongkong sos hk

Puppet Hong Kong govnt & police have been breaching 'One Country Two Systems' by eroding rule of law & human rights. During the outbreak of coronavirus, they're still prioritizing political persecution on pro-democracy activists & citizens... Rule of law is dead for many years in HongKong And this HKPoliceTerrorists do not have any consequences. It is Hong Kong now. HKPoliceBrutality StandWithHongKong

May the gun change to loudhailer? All the things can be a weapon in Hong Kong, ever breast and laser pointer. What a joke? Free Speech in Hong Kong is Being Murdered! HKPoliceState Here’s how: The rule of law in HongKong is gone. Not only the government officials and the cops but also the judges that made these decisions should be on the sanction list. When a loudhailer is a weapon but real bullets don’t hurt.

Very disgusting. That’s ridiculous...If you speak loud to them,you are guilty of assault wtf...... Rule of law is dead in Hong Kong ☠️ The law is dead in Hong Kong There are fewer and fewer people trust Police and the government in Hong Kong hau_hk Sad for HK... To me, the judge and HKPolice are the true evil criminal! Chinazi Terrorist! Where’s justice?!? :( HKPoliceTerrorism PoliceTerrorism HKPoliceState PoliceState HKPoliceTerrorists

The judgement is entirely titled towards law enforcement while everybody knows HKPolice is not credible witnesses☠️ And still none of them bear consequences for police brutality. How can we trust RuleOfLaw? HKPoliceState Kathleen_HKer Justice has gone far far away in HK... These evil pro-china people just want the ‘rule by law’ and Chinazi totalitarianism! Sad for HongKong... :’( PoliceState HKPoliceState PoliceTerrorism HKPoliceTerrorism

It’s not the first ridiculous conviction happened in HongKong A few years back, a female protesters was convicted with ‘assaulting’ police officer with her breast. There’s NO rule of law in our country now. Under the Basic Law, judges are appointed by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR on the recommendation of the Judicial Officers Recommendation Commission. That's why Hong Kong usually has unfair trials because most of the judges in HongKong are decided by CCP.

This is ridiculous and insane, but real in Hong Kong. The riot HongKongPolice has been abusing the law to arrest Hong Kong civilians, including the social distancing law. Student was arrested due to carrying a light pointer, which cop claimed as dangerous ‘weapon’. PoliceState hkeranton8964 Poor HongKong... It is so sad to see HK’s legal system got so corrupted and failed to achieve justice... PoliceState HKPoliceState PoliceTerrorism HKPoliceTerrorism

Yet another injustice happened in Hong Kong, the judicial system doesn’t deserve our trust anymore. It is ridiculous to think of using loudhailer being classified as an assault, but the court agreed with the police, siding with such ungrounded conviction, judicial system is dead. The rule of law in HK is a joke. None of HK Police is prosecuted for illegal behavior and crime like arbitrarily arrest to the protesters and the HKPoliceBrutality . And now the political activists are convicted because of the political persecution. FreeHongKong

Ridiculous! Shame on HKPolice !!! FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong HKPoliceTerrorists hkpolicebrutality hkpolicestate If loudhailer is a weapon then HongKongPolice should not use the gun and baton to attack the protesters. They can use loudhailer instead! While none of the HKPoliceTerrorists were arrested for their shooting, beating, torturing, crashing of citizens

Hong Kong is dead! The definition of WEAPON in HongKong is so interesting, loudhailer counts while gunshot, bullets, batons, pepper spray to innocent ppl don't count. HKPoliceState Laws is died Shameless puppet Hong Kong government, using laws as political oppression tools. if this case is convicted, there are far more cases involved the HKPoliceTerrorists need to be convict!! 😡there is no legal system in HK anymore! the dirty cops will never send to jail! sham on this HKGov HKPoliceTerrorists

Over 8 months. There’s still no one of HKPoliceTerrorists attacked citizens be held accountable. pic1: hkpolice on bike crashed people intentionally was just reprimanded by his boss. Are we in guilty for just protesting? Yes in view of terrorist police and CCP. More and more ridiculous judgement only shows the fake justice in Hong Kong. HKPoliceState

😡🇨🇳🖤🇭🇰 💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥📝 Rule of law has turned into zombie, according to Tai Yiu Ting, a legal scholar in Hong Kong. Till now, there were many civilians and pro-democracy activists being sentenced, but none of the cops were held accountable for their brutality and abusive arrestment. HK has turned into a city of police state where the rule of law has been breached. HongKongPoliceTerrorists

the case is as ridiculous as the case of using breast to assault police officer in the past few years PoliceState chinazi OverMyDeadBody Rule of law is dead. In Hong Kong, loudhailer and breast become weapons which harm police, but guns and tear gas only minimum force. This actually is what will happen when rule of law is dead. HongKongProtests

When the policemen don't need to take any responsibilities for their illegal behaviour with their guns, pepper spray and tear gas while an ex-lawmaker is convicted for the assault with loudhailer, I know that the rule of law has been dead. HKPoliceTerrorists SOSHK A policeman with shield and gun and weapons says an ordinary people 'attack'(I truly can't understand how can it be 'attacking') him with a loudhailer?! What the hack is happening here?!

Ridiculous in HK every moment 😡😡😡 Rule of law is DEAD in Hong Kong... This conviction let the world know Hong Kong is a completely a police state now. As long as we do anything that the authority or the police doesn’t like, arbitrary arrest and law become their weapons to suppress us. When can we get the justices? SOSHK HKProtests

HKPolice never failed to disappoint me with their shamelessness to toy with the law. Their judgment, professionalism and integrity are highly questionable, except one thing: thuggery. Justice & rule of law are already disappeared in Hong Kong Excessive power & power abuse of HKPoliceTerrorists have already showed since 2013. PoliceState NO freedom & Rights 2013 Whistling at police is imprisoned for 6 weeks 男子遊行向警吹口哨襲警囚六週

Does anyone dare to say that the rule of law in HongKong is fair?It could be ruled that the former Councillor used a“voice“to attack the HKpolice and convicted, but the police used real guns and batons to cruel attack the HKers but no one was sued,rule of law is dead Justice in HK is no longer exists from now on

hk_toast_lover The rule of law in Hong Kong is dead and the city should lose its special trading status. A police state is a government that exercises power arbitrarily through the power of the police force. Hong Kong fits in the above definition. HongKongPoliceState Rule of law is dead, or even never existed in Hong Kong.

Please tell us what's been going on in HongKong in the past 9 months isn't a joke. The police officer has no physical hurt, why the councillor can be convicted ? More than that, the justice in HK is corrupted. Even though the officer provided an unreasonable witness, the councillor can be still convicted. HongKong HKPoliceState

It sounds ridiculous but it's the real situation in HongKong right now. Powers are held by a small group of disreputable people that abuse their powers to repress opponents. RULE OF LAW IS DEAD! HongKongProtests Rule of Law is dead, again and again. HKPoliceState StandWithHongKong Rule of law is dead in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's judges are now co-operating with government to suppress dissidents. HongKongPoliceState HongKongPoliceTerrorists

Where’s justice? Rule of law is severely damaged in HongKong . The HKPoliceTerrorists are given excessive power to exercise ridiculous arrest and abuse of power, without any consequence. HongKong ruled by police now Insane Hong Kong is Police State Now It’s really non sense that the use of loudhailer can treat as assaulting police Are u joking? But this is Hong Kong 😔

HK police: Err....the rioter....errr....have hydrogen bomb ...and....and loudhailer HongKongProtests HKPoliceState It cant stop us the fight for UniversalSuffrage Rule of law is dead in hongkong. Say hello to rule by law. Goodbye Hong Kong and hello Xianggang. HongKongPoliceState Hong Kong's judges are accomplices with the Anti-Democracy Squad in the crime. Hong Kong law is being abused by the judges. AntiChinazi HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorism

Rule of law is dead in Hong Kong. Judiciary is manipulated for conniving police brutality. have you ever heard of attaching police with boobs boycottchina BoycottMulan FreeHongKong StandWithHongKong Police is such a joke!

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