Hong Kong COVID-19 quarantine pushes Cathay pilots to 'breaking point'

Hong Kong COVID-19 quarantine pushes Cathay pilots to 'breaking point'

2/12/2021 9:12:00 AM

Hong Kong COVID-19 quarantine pushes Cathay pilots to 'breaking point'

HONG KONG: Cathay Pacific has been hit by a wave of pilot resignations in recent weeks as resentment over Hong Kong\u0027s strict quarantine regime boils over and crew scramble for emerging opportunities overseas. The departures come as Hong Kong ties itself to Beijing\u0027s closed-border zero-COVID strategy - a mo

Pilots fear Hong Kong's future as one of Asia's busiest transport hubs is now at risk.Last month FedEx began relocating Hong Kong pilots to California because of the quarantine rules. British Airways also temporarily suspended flights after some crew were placed in government isolation.

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"Once airlines move infrastructure like technicians, ground crew and pilots out of Hong Kong to places like Seoul and Bangkok, trust me, they're not coming back," one pilot said.Hong Kong's Transport Department did not respond to a request for comment on whether the city's business reputation was at risk.

"We will review the quarantine arrangements for air crew as and when appropriate," a spokesperson said."NO ROADMAP"In a recording obtained by AFP, Cathay's director of flight operations Chris Kempis told employees this week that there was"a higher resignation rate among pilots right now". headtopics.com

"There will be an increased draw, given the current environment in Hong Kong versus what is perceived overseas to be an opportunity for some," he said.But he stressed the company still planned to make"an awful lot of recruitment" next year.

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In a statement, Cathay Pacific said it had to abide by Hong Kong's regulations."We fully acknowledge that these rules and the length of time they have been in force are placing a burden on our aircrew, all of whom have been exemplary in their conduct and professionalism throughout this difficult period," the company said.

Any pilot who feels unfit to fly can decline to work"without jeopardy and is legally protected", the carrier added.One pilot who flies commercial said he had been unable to see his family overseas for more than 20 months because of the quarantine restrictions and his need to stay flying to top up his depleted salary.

He said he felt Hong Kong's leaders have abandoned the idea of the city being an international hub at the request of"our overlords to the north" - a reference to Beijing."I love Hong Kong but if we're not going to plan our way out of this with a roadmap the question becomes what am I doing here?" he said. headtopics.com

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