Hong Kong, National Security Law, Court

Hong Kong, National Security Law

Hong Kong court to give first national security trial verdict

Hong Kong court to give first national security trial verdict

27/7/2021 10:11:00 AM

Hong Kong court to give first national security trial verdict

HONG KONG : A Hong Kong court will lay down a marker on the city's future legal landscape on Tuesday (Jul 27) when it delivers its verdict in the ...

SLOGAN NOW ILLEGAL?Days of testimony were spent on the flag, with university professors called by both sides to explain the slogan's meaning.Defence experts argued the slogan meant many things to different people in what was a leaderless protest movement that included a broad spectrum of political views, from people advocating genuine independence from China to those wanting greater democracy and police accountability.

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"It is actually quite difficult, quite traumatic or even misleading to think that one idea only means one thing in my mind in all circumstances," said Francis Lee, Chinese University of Hong Kong's journalism school head, who was called as a defence witness.

The vast majority of those charged under the security law were arrested for expressing political views that authorities say are now illegal.READ: Hong Kong police raid top university in security law probeA ruling in the prosecution's favour would illustrate how far political free speech has been curtailed in Hong Kong and give legal backing to the criminalisation of dissent. headtopics.com

In China, opaque courts answer to the Communist Party and conviction is all but guaranteed, especially in political or national security cases.Hong Kong maintains an internationally respected common law system that is the bedrock of its business hub status.

But the security law has radically transformed the political and legal landscape of the city, which China promised could keep key liberties and autonomy after its 1997 return.China has jurisdiction over some cases and has allowed its security agents to operate openly in Hong Kong for the first time.

READ: Hong Kong pro-democracy group downsizes amid crackdownIt also allows for cases to be tried by judges instead of juries and bail is largely denied for those arrested.The city's justice secretary invoked the no-jury clause for Tong's trial, arguing that juror safety could be compromised in Hong Kong's febrile political landscape.

Tong pleaded not guilty to all charges and did not take the stand during the trial. Read more: CNA »

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The whole case is simply ridiculous. Hk court is completely fallen and becomes a shameless puppet of CCPChina. Again the dishonest CCP breaks int'l promises and any form of trusts/cooperation with her would be the stupidest idea on earth. boycottchina CCPLiedPeopleDied Injustice!There's no justice to be expected fr the Courts in Hong Kong now.Waving a flag is terrorism with 9yr imprisonment!So such act is more heinous than waving a knife,which would get u much less prison time!? Such nonsense in HK,after it has been utterly destroyed by China.

What I can do to help is to continue BoycottChina brands. FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong BoycottChina CCP BoycottChineseProducts FreeUyghurs FreeTibet Chinese communist party use rule by law to persecuted and took Hong Kong people to jail. change the law any time what they want. CCPChina StandwithHongKong HKPoliceState NationalSecurityLaw

Next time, it will be a foreigner StandWithHongKong It is unfair and unreasonable. CCP_is_terrorist HumanRightsViolations BoycottBeijing2022 OnecountryTwoSystemsIsDead CCPLiedPeopleDied Evil NationalSecurityLaw prosecute a person holding a flag? CCP is now occupying Hong Kong illegally, must bring China to court for they breach the joint declaration. Please help restore Hong Kong autonomy. StandWithHongKong

Ridiculous. CCP is totally destroyed Hong Kong. No more freedom and human rights in Hong Kong. Hong Kong becomes the most dangerous place. People cannot be protected. StandWithHongKong A law which you choose your own judge and jury is not a law. It is a corrupted system and that's what this NSL is. China has ruined Hong Kong. Don't go there or you can be a diplomatic hostage

A man was convicted of incitement n terrorism for incitement n terrorism for riding a bike w/ a flag! How ridiculous it is! HongKong judges shamelessly endorse whatever CCP says! Sanctions on HongKong judges r NECESSARY! StandWithHongKong save12hkyouths BoycottChina

Hong Kong teen returned from Chinese jail sent to detention for attempted arson HONG KONG : One of the Hong Kong democracy activists who was returned from a Chinese jail after being captured at sea last year was ordered ... Why can't he be like a normal Asian teen, just lock himself in his room, study hard and don't come out until he becomes a doctor lawyer or engineer?

no juries nasty NSL Hong Kong dictatorship destroyed our democracy, freedom, education, justices and human rights But Hong Kong people never give up Let’s fight against China dictatorship StandWithHongKong NationalSecurityLaw PPPonGo It is now official that speech is a crime in HongKong And the whole trial as a stepping stone to create the foundation for other cases, that the slogan could incite secession, and certain acts could constitute “terrorism” More is coming. Pls, standwithHongKong

No more Freedom and Democracy in HongKong now. HK is RuleByLaw and become the NewBerlin under the NationalSecurityLaw. OneCountryTwoSystemIsDead. HongKongers, even non-HKer not in HK is suffering in that law. StandWithHongKong FreeHongKong hk has demonstrated that there is no room for democracy and freedom under ccp administration 1 country, 2 systems , just kidding StandWithHongKong

The free world should join forces to fight the CCPChina 's tyranny. We should no longer Trust an Evil Dictator. StandWithHongKong For those pro CCP always said you can still protest and keep freedom of speech but yeah you can still speak you can protest but than you go to jail. Just no different between CCP and Xianggang

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