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9/10/2019 10:00:00 AM

The app is also available to Android users via the Google Play store.


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runinhkrun Apple seems to be controlled by CCP and sharing CCP ‘s standard of censorship Google’s unofficial motto has long been the simple phrase “don’t be evil.” But that’s over, according to the code of conduct that Google distributes to its employees. The phrase was removed sometime in late April or early May (2018).

tim_cook and Apple cover eyes with money soaked with HongKong peoples blood! JanetTeddy111 HKers are using the app to prevent hkpolicebrutality HKPoliceTerrorism , but Apple banned the app which assisting CCP & HK police to hurt HKers !!! For Chinese money, Apple sells out pro-democracy protesters... who will then be abused... Watch the below clip with sharing from a student arrestee at her university (with English subtitles):

Soon Apple is no longer a US product. They can kneel down for Chinese money nothing is impossible BoycottApple Endangering law enforcement: how about WAZE? Sensitive Content: how about those apps with adult contents? Politics is sensitive only because a politician isn't capable enough to lead the people to the right way, like XinniethePooh and CarrieLam, so he/she wants to rule idiots.

I'm sure any sharp objects can endanger law enforcement and residents. This is no excuse What truly dangerous is police dressed up as protestors and walked into protest zone with with live ammunition When the law reinforcement sexually assault, rape, kidnap and murder, whose life are endangered? Residents’ or police’s? HKers must know the immediate location of police cars!

What endangering is police dressed up as protestors and walked into protest zone with live ammuniation. Endangering law enforcementseriously? HKPolice are abusing their power, from arbitrary arrests to all sorts of violence, lynching, sexual assault, they’re the one who blatantly treading on HK’s rule of law. But I know, RMB weights over human rights.

StandwithHonKong CCP Imagine if mass murders in the usa were able to track police.... Can anyone help HongKong😭🙏Those rioters DO NOT represent us!😭We, the silent sufferers, are DEEPLY disturbed & threatened by them. Sadly, our local press is holding candles for the devil & keep presenting on-going shows and spreading ridiculous rumors to all. Help🙏😢

Licking the boots of the Chicoms Effing disgrace and unAmerican. Pick a side. China or freedom Only two choices. corpgreed chinaslouts and the left stays silent. Pathetic hypocrites isupporthongkong Apple supports Chinese repression. They should lose their tariff exemptions!!! Such app won't be allowed in any country. No matter how rioters try to justify it in the name of democracy, it is a danger to public security.

Apple kowtows to China! Screw moral values, money works! Chinazi Bow down to those you serve.... All bow to chinazi 😵 All bow.. But HongKongPolice threaten Hongkongers. amnestyHK released report about their unlawful use of force. Arbitrary arrest civilians. Tortured & sexually assaulted protesters into making false confession. Take 2 Oct, 1400 tear gas canisters & 1300 projectiles were fired in 1 day

Not the only case, may soon become Chinese funded corporation antichinazi FightForFreedom Apple and Google have joined the NBA...Never Back Amendments! It sickens me to see our rights being squashed because a Communist anti-democracy nation! Now we have become China! Spineless illegitimates! The bad thing is companies censored themselves without obvious pressures, aka whiteterror StandwithHonKong

Rmb is the goal Apple foresake freedom of speech for money. Their self-censorship is purely becos people’s Daily condemned them the day before!! Definitely it is kowtow. Such a huge enterprise should have bottomline for doing biz, but apple don’t have! ShameOnApple Yeah sure! Another cowardly move by an American company, that would have no qualms valiantly defending gender neutral bathrooms but would sheepishly retreat when faced with a pecuniary loss!

HKFreedomHi_pig The law enforcement Hong Kong Police endanger Hong Kong residents StandwithHK HongKongProtests Apple Actually it was to please their masters. They need to change their name to Ping Quo. Shame on you Apple. It is just a show. People can visit online map easily, and another app is available, but in Chinese name.

Apple: Oppressors’ life matters too! if rioter map is fine, why not develop a rape map, a rob map, where u can be a criminal without stupid policemen disturb u? apple should quit China market to show their defense of freedom Kneel down again. Shame Communist mainland China has the power to make Apple hamper the struggle of a vital people to keep their democracy. God help Hong Kong.

More and more industries are having a taste of CHINAZISM : -Fashion➡️Vans removed competition entry with 'Hong Kong Protest' themed design after 100k votes -Jewellry➡️Tiffany&Co advertisement was censored as the model was posing with right eye covered FightForFreedom It would never even get this far in the US. People here aren’t stupid enough to attack cops. You’ll get shot for trying or the death penalty if you kill a police officers hongkong standwithhk democracy freedom HongKongProtest HongKongriots HKprotests FreeHK NBA ewarren

It's time for Apple and Samsung to remove all the Hong Kong thugwares and hooliapps from the shelf. People've had enough. Apple you should be ashamed. FreeHongKong Steve Kerr does not stand with Hong Kong! The app is very useful. It helps us to avoid going to the hot zone where a lot of HKPolice arrest many ordinary citizens under HKPoliceTerrorism Would I accidentally bump into a group of mad cops without the help of the app?

mewmew321 Apple Shame on Apple. Apple supported HK police brutality to delete the Apps actually endangered civilians lives. Telling terrible lies for CCP’s money. 8Boat2 Thanks BloodyCarrie, you are so good at messing up a city. StandWithHongKong While the HongKongPolice fire tear gas/bullets nearly every day in every neighborhoods of HongKong, as well as execute brutal unnecessary violence during NON-protest day...that App is actually a lifesaver for avoiding the cops

Who's next? Apple turns out to be one respectable company! We hv had enough of CCP BoycottChina FuckTheChineseGovernment FreeHongKong StandWithHongKong Call Mick Jagger because they’re Stuck between a Rock and Hard Place. RollingStones WTF? Apple helping China to oppress Hong Kong Citizens? They can still install the app, just not from Apple App Store anymore.

SHAME on apple When HK police are terrorising local neighbourhoods, HKers check this app for where the police are and avoid them. It endangered the tactics of the police who no longer serve the community, but not the law enforcement per se Incredible how American companies will do absolutely anything for money

Another US corporation sells out to the repressive Chinese. It is good move indeed. Apple sets a good example for others. Shame on you apple. You should build the same thing in the US app store to make this up It endangered law enforcement?! Has Apple not been watching the news?! SaveHongKong Guess now the helpless mobs are gonna boycott apple?

Thanks, Apple and all the other cowering American companies who will do anything to enforce Beijing’s rule over free loving people everywhere. America used to stand for something. Now we lie down with the snakes of the world for $$$. Nobody should legally be allowed to track anyone without express permission.

These radical thugs have been burning Starbucks around Hong Kong as the franchise owners voice support for HK policemen. So now what? Burning Hong Kong Apple's stores and Hong Kong's Apple retail outlet since Apple took away the app & sided against them? Bit off cop's finger, vandalize legislative building, set offduty cop on fire…, would have triggered death to themselves should it happen in the US! StandWithHongKong StandwithHK

The law-abiding Americans are as much sick and tired of those Hong Kong hooligans and thugs, as the law-abiding Chinese are. What endanger rule of law and residents? It’s Hong Kong Police but not any apps. HongKongPolice dress like protesters damaging and hiding in MTR stations. Who will point flash light to residents? PoliceBrutality

Money money money apple this is a bad move and a bad look. Apple assists in endangering America values Bad move to kowtow Of course, the article does not list any attempt to substantiate such claims. While the riot cops destroy nearly all neighborhoods of HongKong with tear gas & unnecessary brutal violence (even there aren't HongKongProtests going on) every day...this App actually keeping HK-ers safe.

good job Apple bowed to chinazi , just like Blizzard antichinazi antitotalitarianism BoycottBlizzard BoycottChina Shameless is the name of Apple. Apple showing its allegiance - less than ordinary How can an app that tells resident where danger is should be removed? Then you are suggesting all knifes and guns and umbrellas are dangerous too and should be banned? They are now trying to force everyone to bow to China’s demand! Censor everything! standwithhongkong

Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news Good job apple 😕😕😕 But that's only because Corporate Communications nixed the first draft of 'Because we are cowards.' endangered law enforcement? or made it easier for them to abuse citizens? there is an important difference here.

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters outside Prince Edward MTR stationHONG KONG: Police officers fired tear gas at Hong Kong protesters gathered outside Prince Edward MTR station in the Mong Kok district on Monday ...

Hong Kong activist appeals against sentence as further protests loomHONG KONG: A Hong Kong activist jailed for six years for rioting in 2016 appeared in court on Wednesday (Oct 9) to appeal against his sentence, as ...

77 people arrested in Hong Kong for violating anti-mask law: PoliceHONG KONG: Seventy-seven people were arrested for violating an anti-mask law enacted at the weekend, Hong Kong police told reporters on Tuesday ... How many policemen were wearing masks?

Hong Kong police warn protesters against 'brutal attacks' on citizensHONG KONG: Hong Kong police on Monday (Oct 7) criticised protesters who “launched brutal attacks on ordinary citizens”, following a weekend of ... Yes, China bad CCP bad, anyone can tell me which country has done better than this? China news Asia? These 2 days CNA become pro China instead of original neutral stance. What change? Hope CNA can remain neutral, this will gain you audience. Thus money. Short term money and CNA will lose reputation. USA, why not give all these yg hongkongers a scholarship plus asylum since you support them? Put them out of their misery! Please help yourselves to these criminals and leave hong kong alone.

Hong Kong cabinet member suggests internet curbs to contain unrestHONG KONG: Hong Kong's government may curb access to the internet in a bid to contain months of increasingly violent anti-government protests, a ...

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam responds to mask ban concernsHONG KONG: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said on Tuesday (Oct 7) her administration had no plans to use emergency powers for the introduction of ... So you just gonna let the police be exposed to more dangers n perhaps death due to your own incompetency?!?!