Healthcare crunch: From giving hospital staff breaks, to leaning on each other to deal with COVID-19 surge

Healthcare crunch: From giving hospital staff breaks, to leaning on each other to deal with COVID-19 surge

17/10/2021 1:24:00 AM

Healthcare crunch: From giving hospital staff breaks, to leaning on each other to deal with COVID-19 surge

Grappling with fatigue 20 months into the pandemic, hospital staff are finding ways to support each other – from food, to taking on new roles, to suggesting ideas for smoother workflow. Heart of the Matter talks to two senior doctors.

.“We’ve been dealing with COVID-19 since 2020. So yes, it takes a toll, and (on) some more than others,” said Dr Stephanie Sutjipto, senior resident at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID).“We’ve realised how COVID-19 is more a marathon than a sprint,” she added.

ON TAKING LEAVEOn the podcast addressing how hospitals are dealing with the unprecedented COVID-19 surge, the issue of leave arose. Healthcare workers earlier told CNA that applications for overseas travel have been suspended, and some are concerned that leave and days off could be cancelled, as happened in

the early part of the pandemic.“We are not stopping leave at the moment,” Dr Chua clarified, even though he acknowledges that some personal plans have had to be “curtailed” given the challenging situation.Dr Sutjipto said: “There are days when we have lighter surgeries, fewer numbers. And in those days, we encourage people who have been working over the weekend to take a day off, take a half day.”

So leave might have to be dynamic, and healthcare workers might not get the dates they want unless it is an emergency or an event like a wedding – but there is space for rest, the two doctors assured.As for overseas travel, there are exceptions for individual circumstances, said Dr Sutjipto. She knows of staff, who have not seen their families for a while because of border closures, apply for leave successfully.

But this is a critical time, and hospital professionals understand such restrictions are temporary until things stabilise, she added. Read more: CNA »

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I pity them. Maybe if the MMTG handle better will not turn this way. Oh well I am not the expert. Just wondering. If the expert did no progress for 1-2 years, we still rely on them? You should also mention that the small proportion of Singaporeans who have chosen not to get vaccinated are massively over-represented in the hospitals and ICUs, unnecessarily burdening our health care workers and ultimately the entire nation.

no time to die it's only going to get worse from here. wait til we see 3 digit deaths a day.

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