Gen Y Speaks: What dealing with my skin problems taught me

16/5/2021 6:11:00 AM

Gen Y Speaks: What dealing with my skin problems taught me

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California teen shoves bear to protect dogs in viral video

You're never too hurried to live your best life, but then again, it depends on how must zest for life you have. Patience as a virtue is often thrown around by those who have nothing to lose. So go see a professional to solve that specific issue.

Would you wash with snail slime soap?Foamy slime bubbles onto Damien Desrocher’s hand as he lightly rubs one of the thousands of snails he keeps in an enclosure in his backyard. The 28-year-old French artisan began using the gastropod fluid to make soap bars, which he sells in local markets, in December. 'It's all in the dexterity of how you tickle,” Desrocher said as he extracted the slime, noting that the process does not kill the animals.

Does foundation makeup really make it hard for my skin to ‘breathe’?Yes, makeup can clog pores but is it all that bad? CNA Lifestyle asked a dermatologist for the lowdown.

Political statements take center stage at Miss Universe, with pageant's blessing: 'We will always support a woman for using her voice'Miss Universe Singapore Bernadette Belle Ong gained widespread attention after wearing a red sequined bodysuit made complete with a red and white cape to represent Singapore's flag. When she turned around, the words 'STOP ASIAN HATE' were revealed. stop HateSpeech worldwide worldwiderallyforfreedom Singapore is really desperate, just because there are Filipino MissUniverse, they also push one out, she is born in the Philippines, right! Doing all the gimmicks also cannot win, may be that cost her chance? 69thMissUniverse StopAsianHate BernadetteBelleOng

China bars foreign curriculums, ownership in some private schoolsBEIJING: China's State Council announced new laws halting the teaching of foreign curriculums in schools from kindergarten to grade nine (K-9) and ... The hideous Cultural Revolution is back. Nationalise all the school in order to strengthen the brainwash of distorted ccp version truth. Meanwhile, CCP’s members are sending their children to western countries 😂😂 Brainwashing hates competition