Gen Y Speaks: I had doubts when an Alibaba firm wanted to hire me. But I’m glad I gave it a shot

13/6/2021 6:26:00 AM

Gen Y Speaks: I had doubts when an Alibaba firm wanted to hire me. But I’m glad I gave it a shot

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Death at River Valley High: Most students return to classes, counsellors deployed to school as support measure

'If you are looking to join a Chinese multinational, now that there are several of them in Singapore, here are some of my experiences that I hope you find useful,' writes the author, 30.

Dine-In Ban On Father’s Day “A Killer”, But Some Are Glad About ExtensionHuh? Tell me the ones that are glad about the extension? Out of 100 people there are probably a few that are’s the minority!

Henry Thia, Who Has 3 Daughters, Wanted More Kids 'Cos He Was Disappointed About Not Having A Son

Commuters can take taxis, private-hire cars in groups of up to 5 from June 14SINGAPORE — From Monday (June 14), commuters will be able to board taxis and private-hire cars in groups of up to five.

Some countries are using COVID-19 vaccines as geopolitical tool: UK's RaabCARBIS BAY, England: British foreign minister Dominic Raab said on Friday (Jun 11) there was no doubt some countries were using vaccines as a ... China Raab, no vaccines for others. Still hoarding. Useless UK. How many vaccines did UK donate yet?

Dengue down 77% in 'groundbreaking' study due to 'miraculous' hackWith dengue having no set treatment or widely-available vaccine, scientists have managed to infect the Aedes mosquitoes with 'miraculous' bacteria that reduce their ability to spread the virus.

GameStop lures Amazon talent with grand plans and no frillsGameStop Corp Chairman Ryan Cohen made a point of doing away with corporate excess such as a company plane and used the allure of rebuilding the videogame retailer to recruit Inc's Australia chief Matt Furlong as chief executive, according to people familiar with the process. Cohen wanted the message to be stern, said the sources, who were close to the discussions. The transformation of the ailing brick-and-mortar retailer into an e-commerce powerhouse would require laser-like focus and determination, Cohen told Furlong.