Canary Islands, Spain

Canary Islands, Spain

For some whales, sonar may provoke suicidal behaviour: Study

For some whales, sonar may provoke suicidal behaviour: Study

30/1/2019 4:22:00 AM

For some whales, sonar may provoke suicidal behaviour: Study

PARIS: Scientists have long known that some beaked whales beach themselves and die in agony after exposure to naval sonar, and now they know why:

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Triad Trails: Former secret society members lead tour on Chinatown’s seedy past

SINGAPORE — Pointing to a row of shophouses along Pagoda Street leading up to Chinatown MRT Station, a heavily-tattooed man tells the group behind him that the shops used to be opium dens in the 19th century.

Singapore rises to third place in annual ranking of least corrupt countries, global study showsSINGAPORE - Singapore has moved up three notches to third spot in an annual ranking of countries deemed to have the least corruption in the public sector, with Denmark and New Zealand ahead of it.. Read more at

Avoid sugary foods and drinks to fight fatty liver: StudyNEW YORK (NYTIMES) - Overweight children with fatty liver disease sharply reduced the amount of fat and inflammation in their livers by cutting soft drinks, fruit juices and foods with added sugars from their diets, a rigorous new study found.. Read more at

Lowering blood pressure cuts risk of cognitive impairment: studyAggressive treatment to lower blood pressure in older people has been shown to cut the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment, a risk factor for dementia, US researchers said Monday. While the findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) did not find any significant impact

Daily plate of fried chicken tied to higher risk of premature death: StudyWomen who eat fried chicken every day may be 13 per cent more likely to die prematurely than people who avoid these foods, a US study suggests. ...

HPB study gathers health data from individuals in real timeNearly every day, Ms Geeta Khandelwal wears a smart watch linked to an app that sends the Health Promotion Board (HPB) real-time data about details like her heart rate, number of steps she walked, sedentary time and sleep. She also diligently logs her daily meals and drinks...

France is world champion in social spending: OECD studyPARIS (AFP) - France's social spending is the highest in the developed world relative to the size of its economy, an OECD study found on Wednesday (Jan 23), as the government weighs how to respond to 'yellow vest' protests.. Read more at

Soluble fibre may improve diabetes control: StudyPeople with diabetes who take soluble fibre supplements have slightly lower blood sugar than diabetics who don't add this type of fibre to their ...

Cat Island suggestion in Sabah needs detailed study

As climate warms, plants will absorb less CO2, study findsNEW YORK — The last time the atmosphere contained as much carbon dioxide as it does now, dinosaurs roamed what was then a verdant landscape. The Earth’s lushness was at least partly caused by the abundance of carbon dioxide (CO2) which plants use for photosynthesis. That has led to the idea t

Toxic substances found in nappies in France - government agencyPARIS: A variety of potentially toxic substances, including glyphosate, has been found in babies' nappies in France, according to a study ...