Hong Kong, Hong Kong Protests

Hong Kong, Hong Kong Protests

Five convicted over mob attack on Hong Kong protesters

Five convicted over mob attack on Hong Kong protesters

18/6/2021 5:17:00 PM

Five convicted over mob attack on Hong Kong protesters

HONG KONG : Five men who took part in a mob attack on Hong Kong protesters two years ago were found guilty of rioting and wounding on Friday (Jun ...

two years ago were found guilty of rioting and wounding on Friday (Jun 18) in the first convictions over an assault which sparked widespread outrage.The brazen attack took place in the train station of Yuen Long - a town close to the rural border with mainland China - during huge rallies that were convulsing the finance hub.

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AdvertisementAdvertisementDozens of men dressed in white and wielding sticks pounced on protesters returning from a rally in the city, as well as reporters and ordinary commuters, sending about 50 people to hospital.Live broadcasts of the attack - and the police's perceived failure to respond quickly enough - was a turning point in the huge protests, further hammering public trust in the city's government.

Men in white T-shirts with poles are seen in Yuen Long after anti-extradition Bill demonstrators were attacked at a train station, in Hong Kong on Jul 22, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Tyrone Siu)On Friday, District Court Judge Eddie Yip convicted five attackers. headtopics.com

AdvertisementAdvertisementYip said merchant Tang Wai-sum, driver Ng Wai-nam, rural leader Tang Ying-bun and electrician Choi Lap-ki were"principal offenders" in the attack. A fifth defendant, electrician Wong Ying-kit,"encouraged the white-clad men to assault others".

A sixth defendant, transport worker Wong Chi-wing, was acquitted after Yip ruled he could not be clearly identified in the CCTV footage.All five offenders, together with two other defendants who previously pleaded guilty, will be sentenced on Jul 22, one day after the second anniversary of the attack.

The attack was a public relations disaster for Hong Kong's police force, especially after officers were photographed talking to men in white wielding sticks and letting them leave the scene.AdvertisementA mass assault in 2019 in Yuen Long on people returning home from a protest hammered public trust in Hong Kong's police. (Photo: AFP/Philip FONG)

An award-winning investigation by public broadcaster RTHK also found police did not stop a build-up of men with sticks in Yuen Long in the hours before the attack.A producer on that investigation, Bao Choy, was later convicted for making improper vehicle licence plate searches as part of an effort to trace the attackers. headtopics.com

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The force has consistently denied any wrongdoing and allegations of collusion. It says its officers were too busy handling violent rallies across the city.Only a tiny fraction of the Yuen Long attackers were arrested.Local media have reported many slipped across the border to mainland China.

Police have confirmed some of those involved in the attack have links to triad organised crime gangs.More recently, senior police officers have sought to recast the attack as a pitched battle between two evenly matched sides.Police arrested some of those who were on the receiving end of the attack, including former opposition lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting who was beaten bloody.

Lam is expected to go on trial in 2023, charged with rioting. Read more: CNA »

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Hong Kong dictatorship destroyed our democracy, freedom, education, justices and human rights But Hong Kong people never give up Let’s fight against China dictatorship StandWithHongKong But one gang has escaped from trial. There are many gangs doesn't be arrest. This picture show there are many gangs in the terror attack.

SSILoveHK Far more than 5. There were over hundreds participated in the mob attack on the protesters on 21/7/2019, which I watched the live news on TV. kerokero_HKer Hongkonger & many Freedom fighters are under HumanitarianCrisis now :( But HKer never surrender! Still fighting for justice, truth & HumanRight & democracy! Dear world, StandWithHK! SOSHK FreeHK LiberateHK CCP_is_terrorist AntiChinazi HongKong HongKongNeedsHelp

This is yet another act of brutality against Hong Kong’s democracy and freedom by the CCP! There is absolutely no concept of PressFreedom in their minds and we should lose the hope that they would improve. 5 out of 500 terrorists! 5 only ?!! We can easily find dozens of such videos on the Internet! 721YuenLongAttack

kerokero_HKer HongKonger is resisting the evil CCP Chinazi & its shameless puppets for long time.. So much pain, PoliceBrutality, Exhausted & Traumatized.. but HKer is not going to give up hope, justice & humanright.. HongKongProtester HongKongNeedsHelp FreeHK Free47 StandWithHK Wondeful news. Jail the barking dog of America

ChoiHungGuLeung How evil can the Chinazi Tyranny be? . Hongkonger well knew CCP China & HKPolice HKGov are evil brutal Totalitarianism long ago.. HKer still fighting, For justice, HumanRight & democracy! StandWithHK FreeHK MilkTeaAlliance SOSHK SAVE12 Free47 StandWithHongKong Over thousand of these mob attackers in Yuen Long Terrorist attack in 721 are free from terrorists crime trials from HKPoliceTerrorists collusion and protection. Please send the above two parties to Hague court!

Hong Kong police raid newspaper Apple Daily, arrest 5 HONG KONG : Hong Kong police arrested five directors at the Apple Daily early on Thursday (Jun 17) morning, including its editor-in-chief, local ... tomotommot Stand with appledaily_hk 😳 again? SupportAppledaily 撐蘋果日報 FreedomOfPress FreePress saveappledaily jimmylai FreeJimmyLai WeNeedAppleDaily

Still many mod are not yet arrested. oh there's only 5 mobs in Yuen Long that night ? I dun think so ! HK 香港 They attacked not only protesters but many other innocent civilians as well! The 7-21 Yuen Long attack is a horrible night HongKongers can never forget and forgive. HongKong standwithHongKong

But there were around 500 terrorists who attacked HongKong citizens on 21/7/2019 in Yuen Long. Only 48 of them have been arrested by HKPoliceTerrorists and 7 of them found guilty today. Does justice prevail? CCP_is_terrorist FreeHongKong 721YuenLongTerrorAttack

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Hong Kong democracy paper runs defiant edition day after raidThe simple front page featured the 5 arrested executives with a headline that read: 'National security police searched Apple, arrested five people, seized 44 news material hard disks.' Underneath, in a bold yellow font, they printed 'We must press on'.

Hong Kong police raid newspaper Apple Daily, arrest 5 including editor-in-chief HONG KONG : Hong Kong police arrested five directors at the Apple Daily early on Thursday (Jun 17) morning, including its editor-in-chief, the ... what kind of regimes arrests newspaper executives? Could Hong Kong communist party or CCPChina State which foreign powers that appledaily are collude? CCP_is_terrorist appledaily SupportAppledaily 撐蘋果日報 FreedomOfPress FreePress saveappledaily jimmylai FreeJimmyLai WeNeedAppleDaily

Apple Daily: the Hong Kong tabloid that dared to challenge ChinaOver the past 26 years Hong Kong 's Apple Daily newspaper has evolved into the city's most popular tabloid by punching up against a particularly powerful entity that brooks little criticism: China's communist leadership.

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