Explainer: Where Singapore stands in its fight against Covid-19 and why a mindset shift is needed

Explainer: Where Singapore stands in its fight against Covid-19 and why a mindset shift is needed

26/9/2021 6:05:00 PM

Explainer: Where Singapore stands in its fight against Covid-19 and why a mindset shift is needed

SINGAPORE — On Friday (Sept 24), the Government announced a tightening of restrictions as a surge in Covid-19 cases in the last few weeks had led to “tremendous pressure” on the healthcare system.

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MOH may use Pofma to clamp down on websites promoting ivermectin as a Covid-19 cure: Ong Ye Kung

SINGAPORE — The Ministry of Health (MOH) is looking into the possibility of using the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (Pofma) to clamp down on websites that promote the use of anti-parasite drug ivermectin as a remedy against Covid-19.

Professor Dale Fisher, an infectious diseases expert from NUS, said that a community taking necessary precautions to prevent themselves being infected or infecting others is a better approach than a lockdown. HOW IMPORTANT IS PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? “…not every person who tests positive with Covid-19 needs to be admitted to the hospital.” - personal integrity - understand the bigger part of the situation - because our vaccination 💉 has been beyond 80% Worried? Yes. Panic? No.

No plans for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations in Singapore: MOH officialThere are no plans to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory as the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines used in Singapore have not been fully registered, said a senior Ministry of Health official.

3 more COVID-19 deaths as Singapore reports 1,650 new casesSINGAPORE: Singapore reported 1,650 new COVID-19 cases as of noon on Friday (Sep 24), rising for the fourth consecutive day. The 1,646 local infections comprise 1,369 community cases and 277 dormitory residents. There were also four imported cases, Reading the details about the clusters and subsequently the concentration of infections at least for me it didn't disclose any correlation with the severe restrictive measurements set for the entire population. Perhaps some more info s needed to understand better

3 Singaporean elderly men die of Covid-19 complications; death toll reaches 73SINGAPORE — Three Singaporean men aged 79, 83 and 86 with underlying health conditions have died from complications due to Covid-19 on Friday (Sept 24), said the Ministry of Health (MOH). That’s a grim reminder for myself and everyone else too that we shouldn’t be, at this phase, at this age to have any serious medical conditions - especially the three high risk “friends” - because we can avoid all these. 🥺 Stop restricting our outdoors doubles tennis games for elders!!!!

Record 1,650 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore, including 4 imported onesSINGAPORE — Singapore registered a record high of new Covid-19 cases for the second consecutive day on Friday (Sept 24) with 1,650 infections, surpassing Thursday’s record daily tally of 1,504 cases.

2 elderly Singaporeans die of Covid-19 complications; death toll hits 78SINGAPORE — Two elderly Singaporean women, both unvaccinated and with underlying medical conditions, have died from complications due to Covid-19 over the past two days, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Sunday (Sept 26).

IN FOCUS: The challenges of preparing for the PSLE during the COVID-19 pandemicAfter nearly two years of disruptions to their learning, Primary 6 students are about to sit for the Primary School Leaving Examination, viewed by many parents as a high-stakes event. CNA looks at how the pandemic has affected their preparations.