Explainer: Has the Covid-19 stabilisation phase been effective, and what can we expect next?

Explainer: Has the Covid-19 stabilisation phase been effective, and what can we expect next?

19/10/2021 3:51:00 PM

Explainer: Has the Covid-19 stabilisation phase been effective, and what can we expect next?

SINGAPORE — While daily Covid-19 case numbers appear to have stabilised over the past week, infectious disease experts told TODAY that a continued increase in total intensive care unit (ICU) cases remains the main concern. They are largely uncertain over whether the Government’s one-month stabilisation phase had been successful in that regard.

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They really really want to believe so and delude themselves let them. LOL. If PAPSingapore ong ye kung think 3k to 5k cases daily everyday is stable then it is lor. Seriously has it been a success? 🤔 So many fatalities. Cases are still in the thousands and probably maybe even more as home recovery is default and people might just not be bothered to even test and still go about their daily lives since home recovery = “not serious”?

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Covid-19: Singapore records 3,058 new cases, 9 more deathsSINGAPORE — Singapore on Sunday (Oct 17) recorded 3,058 new cases of Covid-19 and nine deaths from coronavirus complications.

Covid-19: Some coffee shop staff receiving verbal abuse for checking vaccination status; appeal for understandingSINGAPORE — For the past five days, Mr Kaw Pou Keong, an economy rice stall attendant at the Food City coffee shop in Chong Pang, has been on the receiving end of tongue lashings from irate customers at least seven or eight times a day. Please....cooperate. We are complaining about the measures imposed and yet we never look at our own behaviors. Qasim is sharing his dreams of the end times, and the calamities to befall mankind, as he had been instructed in his dreams by Prophet Muhammad SAW and Allah SWT. Many of the events & predictions in Qasim’s dreams have already come true. Learn more at The coffee shop main leasee can organise a common access point similar to hawker center rather than individual stall holders do the checking

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