Deliveroo rider with suspected Covid-19 jailed for breaching stay-home order to deliver food, dealing with weapons

17/1/2022 12:05:00 PM

Deliveroo rider with suspected Covid-19 jailed for breaching stay-home order to deliver food, dealing with weapons

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sg/wQev SINGAPORE - A Deliveroo rider breached his stay-home order after he was suspected to have Covid-19 and made three food deliveries on his motorcycle.The Singaporean man with a long history of drug-related offences was also linked to a parcel of illegal weapons that included stun devices, knuckle dusters and a sword.Noting that more individuals are stepping forward for the booster, Mr Ong said:"Now, about 42,000 individuals are getting boosted a day.Luqmanul Hakim Mohamed Taha, 32, was on Monday (Jan 17) jailed for 12 months with six strokes of the cane after he was convicted on four charges for offences that include flouting Covid-19 rules and dealing with weapons..Another six charges for similar offences were taken into consideration during his sentencing."Boosters restore vaccine protection against Covid-19 infection and severe illness from Omicron.The court heard that the food delivery rider was diagnosed with an upper respiratory tract infection on May 22last year after he reported ill with a fever and a cough.Protect your life, the lives of those you love and understand that the vaccine is safe.

Luqmanul was suspected to be infected with Covid-19 and was ordered to stay at home for five days, Deputy Public Prosecutor Ang Siok Chen told the court.A person's fully vaccinated status will lapse nine months after the last dose of their primary vaccination series.It said low-risk places in China should meet the reasonable demand for short trips from urban and rural residents, and step up the supply of everyday products over the holiday period.He left the clinic to withdraw money after being shown the bill, but did not return to collect his medicine or medical certificate as he had no money to pay, said DPP Ang.The clinic could not contact him and reported the incident to the authorities.Projections show that if Delta infections hit a sustained incidence of about 3,000 cases daily, Omicron could reach 10,000 to 15,000 cases a day or more.The next day, Luqmanul left his home and made three food deliveries on his motorcycle to Deliveroo customers in the evening.China's economy likely grew at its slowest pace in one and half years in the fourth quarter, weighed down by weaker demand due to a property downturn, curbs on debt and strict Covid-19 measures."(Luqmanul) exposed others he had come into contact with to the risk of infection with Covid-19, when he had reason to suspect he was a case or carrier of the disease," said the prosecution.However, despite the emergence of Omicron, he reiterated that the key objective"remains to live with Covid-19 as an endemic disease".Since then, about 220,000 more have rolled up their sleeves.

The court also heard that Luqmanul had ordered illegal weapons that was found by the Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) at Changi Airfreight Centre on Nov 27, 2020.An ICA officer found in a lorry a parcel from China containing seven stun devices, 11 knuckle dusters, nine truncheons - known as night sticks - and a concealed sword.However, to buy the country time to gear up for the next wave of infections.China reported 119 new confirmed Covid-19 cases for Saturday, down from 165 a day earlier, its health authority said on Sunday.Investigations showed that Luqmanul would contact Low Peng Chen through Telegram when he wanted to order such weapons.Low told the police that Luqmanul was the main buyer of the weapons he had ordered and both men were arrested after the weapons were seized.As at Jan 6, general practitioners now and which ones can safely recover at home.Court documents said that Low was earlier jailed for 19 months with six strokes of the cane and fined $11,000for dealing with weapons.The country reported 52 new asymptomatic cases for Saturday, which it classifies separately from confirmed cases, higher than 25 infections a day earlier.Like much of Europe, Greece has seen daily cases hit records this month due to Covid-related deaths are running at levels similar to the peak of previous waves.

Luqmanul also evaded urine checks by asking his cousin submit nine illegitimate medical certificates to the hospital, said DPP Ang, who sought a sentence of 13 months' jail and six strokes of the cane.We have crossed another milestone in our vaccination.He had been in and out of jail for past offences that include drug offences, weapons possession and robbery, the prosecution added.In his mitigation plea, Luqmanul told the judge he had changed while in remand and asked for leniency..Join.District Judge Tan Jen Tse backdated his jail sentence to account for his time spent in remand.For possessing offensive weapons, Luqmanul could have faced a maximum sentence of three years' jail and at least six strokes of the cane.

For flouting a stay-home order, he could have been sentenced to a maximum of six months' jail and fined $10,000.Join.

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