Covid-19: Some coffee shop staff receiving verbal abuse for checking vaccination status; appeal for understanding

Covid-19: Some coffee shop staff receiving verbal abuse for checking vaccination status; appeal for understanding

17/10/2021 4:13:00 PM

Covid-19: Some coffee shop staff receiving verbal abuse for checking vaccination status; appeal for understanding

SINGAPORE — For the past five days, Mr Kaw Pou Keong, an economy rice stall attendant at the Food City coffee shop in Chong Pang, has been on the receiving end of tongue lashings from irate customers at least seven or eight times a day.

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SINGAPORE — Young Singaporeans are no longer aspiring for the “5C’s” of cash, car, credit card, condominium and country club membership that have come to define material success in Singapore. Instead, they are opting for experiences and growth opportunities in their jobs instead, panellists said during a TODAY

The verbal abuse shd b directed to the PAPSingapore genius taskforce. The F&B staff hv to do the shitwork in a non-aircon environment while those geniuses open their mouth wif these shits in a cool environment. Yup. Can the people who is not fully vaccinated pls stay at home or ask someone to asist them if needed. I'm not fully vaccinated but I'm following the rules. It's not that difficult to understand.

No, do not give them understanding. You go there to buy a coffee. Your medical status is none of the coffee seller's fucking business.... Spend your money somewhere else or this personal intrusion will never end... A big comet will disrupt the axis and balance, and the entire world will be in darkness. Then Allah SWT will by His mercy return the earth into its position. This is one of many predictions in Muhammad Qasim’s dreams about the future. More at

Qasim telah melihat mimpi ilahi sejak berusia 5 tahun. Mimpi pertamanya adalah mimpi menaiki tangga yang menuju ke awan. Mimpi Qasim mempunyai banyak petunjuk untuk masa depan umat manusia. Lawati atau cari Muhammad Qasim Dreams govt duty and responsibility is to acquire and distribute the vaccine foc to the pple. discriminating vaccinated and non is decisive n crossing the red line. pple shld be allowed to make their decision and live with its consequences. isnt what life is all abt: making decision?

Govt started this then push the sxxx to people to implement. Poor implementation as usual The coffee shop main leasee can organise a common access point similar to hawker center rather than individual stall holders do the checking Qasim is sharing his dreams of the end times, and the calamities to befall mankind, as he had been instructed in his dreams by Prophet Muhammad SAW and Allah SWT. Many of the events & predictions in Qasim’s dreams have already come true. Learn more at

Please....cooperate. We are complaining about the measures imposed and yet we never look at our own behaviors.

9 more deaths as Singapore reports 3,348 new COVID-19 casesSINGAPORE: Singapore reported 3,348 new COVID-19 cases as of noon on Saturday (Oct 16) with nine more people dying from complications due to the virus. The fatalities, who were all Singaporean, are four men and five women, aged between 60 and 89. Five were unvaccinated against COVID-19, two were parti 死亡的是未接種加上他們都有多年的病史? LOL PAP going to win big next election , cos those anti-PAP , against vaccination , should be dead then LOL , get vaccinated so u wont be dead and can still vote for opposition Leveled off already… reopens everything please! This is the endemic, not pandemic, more people dying due to something else, while this CCP virus only killed only a few hundreds in Singapore. Be realistic!

Eight more COVID-19 deaths, 3,445 new cases in SingaporeSINGAPORE: Singapore reported 3,445 new COVID-19 cases as of noon on Friday (Oct 15), with eight more fatalities from complications due to the virus. The fatalities are seven men and one woman, aged between 61 and 89 years. Five of them were unvaccinated, while three were vaccinated. Boring 🙄 Will you ever split the numbers of cases into those cases of vaccinated and unvaccinated people? If more severe cases are reported under unvaccinated people every single day, then those still unvaccinated would see the risks and go for their shots. If we are not abandon the so called “live with covid” plan, what’s the point of showing the figures?

Covid-19: 3,348 new infections, 9 more deaths in Singapore; ICU cases spike to 62

3,445 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore; 8 more deaths bring tally to 215SINGAPORE — There were 3,445 new cases of Covid-19 recorded on Friday (Oct 15), the highest in six days, as well as eight deaths from Covid-19 complications. OMG. More than half of the total deaths happened during the first two weeks of this month. How many casualties more?

‘Our livelihoods are at stake’: A restaurant manager’s plea to diners to follow Covid-19 rulesWeWantJustice SaveBangladeshiHindus BangladeshiHinduWantSafety SaveBangladeshiHindus WeDemandSafety WeDemandJustice SaveHindus BewareHindu SaveHinduBoys SaveHinduGirls SaveSanatanaDharma BlackdayDurgaPuja2021 PleaseStandWithHindus Fully agree with the writer on how some ungracious and self-entitled individuals wanted their way to dine-in and spare no mercy for our F&B operators. Simply selfish and self-centered. Diners have insisted he bend the rules for them, but this restaurant manager has put his foot down. “Allow me to stress that it is not fine. This selfish act could lead to the closure of our business and loss of livelihoods,” he writes to TODAY. Read on:

Melbourne to ease world's longest COVID-19 lockdowns as vaccinations riseMELBOURNE: Melbourne, which has spent more time under COVID-19 lockdowns than any other city in the world, is set to lift its stay-at-home orders this week, officials said on Sunday (Oct 17). By Friday, when some curbs will be lifted, the Australian city of 5 million people will have been under six l PAPSingapore gov in Singapore will be hoping for surging delta cases in Melbourne. Otherwise it will prove that strategy from leehsienloong team to declare early endemic is WRONG. Too desperate to open up economy in the expenses of human lives! hcsghcsg TanChengBock TanArrowz Way over-due. Let's roll guys. 😖