Covid-19: Singapore records 3,058 new cases, 9 more deaths

Covid-19: Singapore records 3,058 new cases, 9 more deaths

17/10/2021 6:38:00 PM

Covid-19: Singapore records 3,058 new cases, 9 more deaths

SINGAPORE — Singapore on Sunday (Oct 17) recorded 3,058 new cases of Covid-19 and nine deaths from coronavirus complications.

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JI arrests, 20 years on: ISD releases new details on terrorist group’s plans to attack nearly 80 S’pore targets

SINGAPORE — The Internal Security Department (ISD) has released newly declassified details of terror plans by the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) organisation against about 80 targets here. These include previously unreleased statements by JI detainees and surveillance footage obtained by the group as it plotted against Singapore.

9 more deaths as Singapore reports 3,348 new COVID-19 casesSINGAPORE: Singapore reported 3,348 new COVID-19 cases as of noon on Saturday (Oct 16) with nine more people dying from complications due to the virus. The fatalities, who were all Singaporean, are four men and five women, aged between 60 and 89. Five were unvaccinated against COVID-19, two were parti 死亡的是未接種加上他們都有多年的病史? LOL PAP going to win big next election , cos those anti-PAP , against vaccination , should be dead then LOL , get vaccinated so u wont be dead and can still vote for opposition Leveled off already… reopens everything please! This is the endemic, not pandemic, more people dying due to something else, while this CCP virus only killed only a few hundreds in Singapore. Be realistic!

Covid-19: 3,348 new infections, 9 more deaths in Singapore; ICU cases spike to 62

Eight more COVID-19 deaths, 3,445 new cases in SingaporeSINGAPORE: Singapore reported 3,445 new COVID-19 cases as of noon on Friday (Oct 15), with eight more fatalities from complications due to the virus. The fatalities are seven men and one woman, aged between 61 and 89 years. Five of them were unvaccinated, while three were vaccinated. Boring 🙄 Will you ever split the numbers of cases into those cases of vaccinated and unvaccinated people? If more severe cases are reported under unvaccinated people every single day, then those still unvaccinated would see the risks and go for their shots. If we are not abandon the so called “live with covid” plan, what’s the point of showing the figures?

3,445 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore; 8 more deaths bring tally to 215SINGAPORE — There were 3,445 new cases of Covid-19 recorded on Friday (Oct 15), the highest in six days, as well as eight deaths from Covid-19 complications. OMG. More than half of the total deaths happened during the first two weeks of this month. How many casualties more?

Canada's healthcare system 'very fragile', even as COVID-19 recedes, says officialOTTAWA Healthcare systems across Canada are still very fragile from efforts needed to fight COVID-19, even as signs suggest a fourth wave is starting to recede, a top medical official said on Friday (Oct 15). Chief public health officer Theresa Tam said it was important for health workers to get vacc

US FDA advisers to vote on J&J COVID-19 vaccine boosterA panel of expert advisers to the US Food and Drug Administration will vote later on Friday (Oct 15) on whether to recommend authorisation of a booster shot of Johnson & Johnson's single-dose COVID-19 vaccine for people aged 18 and older, as well as the appropriate interval between the two doses.