Covid-19: PM Lee makes ‘special appeal’ to older S’poreans to stay home for their own safety

Covid-19: PM Lee makes ‘special appeal’ to older S’poreans to stay home for their own safety

10/4/2020 1:45:00 PM

Covid-19: PM Lee makes ‘special appeal’ to older S’poreans to stay home for their own safety

SINGAPORE — A day after Singapore reported its highest ever daily tally of Covid-19 cases, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Friday (April 10) made a “special appeal” to older Singaporeans to stay home for their own safety.

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PM makes reference to New Zealand but New Zealand is 374 times bigger than Singapore and has a population of of about 4.5 million compared to Singapore of about 5.9 million. With such high density, even with the same “lockdown” measures will not produced the same results I think We want you you test all suspect COVID patients not ask them to PHPC to be issued 5days mc. Now is circuit breaker period, please test the suspect not issue mc

COVID-19: Singapore will do its part as global citizen – PM LeeCountries must co-operate closely and learn from one another amid the coronavirus pandemic, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Wednesday (8 April), as he gave assurances that Singapore will do its part in the fight against a common enemy. Yaah no problem with this global citizen Boss..just very unhappy M'sian govt mucking us about making us pay for everything to ease their citizens plight here..they come to SG get good paying jobs & send money back. Why are we ask to pay...are we taken for suckers? leehsienloong FINALLY I STARTED EARNING $4500 FROM MY WEALTHY MOMMY DAILY IN SINGAPORE WITH NO RISK INVOLVED, THIS HAS REALLY CHANGE MY LIFE YOU TOO CAN ALSO START TO EARN SGD4500 FROM WEALTHY MOMMY IN SINGAPORE TODAY WHATSAPP MSS GINA NOW ON WHATSAPP 6590143743 AND START EARNING

Covid-19: PM Lee hoping for positive results of ‘circuit breaker’ to show by April 17End of may more likely. Procrastinated & preoccupied with ineffective brakes & circuit breakers. Just lockdown and called it lockdown. One month at least wasted to manage the impact. Way too optimistic. Conservative estimate should be around mid to end May. Not words of wisdom.. Why so kancheong? Sir.. You can see other can be good for days n return bad .. Blessings Singapore 🙏🙏

PM Lee Hsien Loong's full address on the Covid-19 situationMy fellow Singaporeans. Read more at

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