Covid-19: German minister commits suicide after 'virus crisis worries'

Covid-19: German minister commits suicide after 'virus crisis worries'

30/3/2020 5:00:00 AM

Covid-19: German minister commits suicide after 'virus crisis worries'

FRANKFURT (Germany) — Thomas Schaefer, the finance minister of Germany's Hesse state, has committed suicide apparently after becoming

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Suicide may seem like an answer or a way out of a difficult situation, but it doesn't have to be. If you're experiencing any distress over the current situation or from the isolation, please reach out. samaritansofsg Wa... Sorry to hear that, RIP 🙏... If our governments same like them🤔... I will support them for the rest of my life🤣..

Tokyo reports new daily record of 50 new COVID-19 cases, residents urged to stay homeTokyo has confirmed more than 50 new coronavirus infections, a record daily increase, public broadcaster NHK reported on Saturday as the governor ... 東京のコロナ感染者数についてシンガポールの記事です。

COVID-19: 'Super-spreader' guru puts Indian villages on high alertAt least 15,000 people who may have caught the coronavirus from a 'super-spreader' guru are under strict quarantine in northern India after the ... Unity is strength India. 👏

Italy, Spain suffer record virus deaths as COVID-19 infection rate surgesItaly has logged a shocking spike in its already staggering coronavirus death toll, with officials warning the peak of the crisis was still days ... COVID-19 appeared to kill more white people than black people e.g. Italy has 9,134 deaths, Spain has 5,138 deaths, France has 1,995 deaths and US has 1,704 deaths vs. South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya have 1 death each or Ghana, Ethiopia, Mali, Uganda and Somalia have 0 death each.

I feel extremely lucky to be here, says NUS don with Covid-19 in SGHMr Hugh Mason realised on Monday that he had lost his sense of smell.. Read more at Probably the best place to be treated for COVID19. Have you seen the States? NCID all free some more. 17 Y/O teen in US died bc no insurance. I can say that Singapore is the best country to handle this Covid-19.

COVID-19: Amid rising infection numbers, some Singaporeans choose to remain in the USSINGAPORE — Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and thousands of Singaporeans scrambling to come home from the US, some have chosen to stay on, for a variety of reasons. Oh yes , my friend's children , currently one in Berlin Germany , one in Brisbane , one in USA all chose to remain there , they said as long as stay at home , very safe , when need food , then go supermarket shop and go back , still safe Germany and USA one said fly home inside the plane equally dangerous , well thats true also , 50/50 chances

COVID-19: SingPost debunks audio clip claiming postal worker spitting on lettersSINGAPORE — SingPost has debunked a circulating audio clip in which a doctor claimed of seeing a report on a postal worker who tested positive for COVID-19 spitting on letters.