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Coronavirus likely jumped to humans from bats through 'missing link' animal: WHO report

Coronavirus likely jumped to humans from bats through 'missing link' animal: WHO report

29/3/2021 12:20:00 PM

Coronavirus likely jumped to humans from bats through 'missing link' animal: WHO report

GENEVA: An international expert mission to Wuhan has concluded it was very likely that COVID-19 first passed to humans from a bat through an ...

AdvertisementDuring a lengthy press conference in Wuhan on Feb 9 at the end of the mission, the experts and their Chinese counterparts made clear that they could not yet draw any firm conclusions.But they said they had worked to rank a number of hypotheses according to how likely they were.

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"MISSING LINK"Experts believe that the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the COVID-19 disease originally came from bats.AdvertisementOne theory examined was that the virus jumped directly from bats to humans. The final report determined that this scenario was"possible to likely".

READ: What the WHO COVID-19 experts learnt in WuhanA more likely scenario, the report found, was that the virus had first jumped from bats to another animal, which in turn infected humans."Although the closest related viruses have been found in bats, the evolutionary distance between these bat viruses and SARS-CoV-2 is estimated to be several decades, suggesting a missing link," the report said.

"The scenario including introduction through an intermediary host was considered to be likely to very likely," it said, although it did not conclude which animal may have first allowed the virus to jump to humans.READ: China's bid to stop Wuhan COVID-19 spread cut deaths elsewhere from other causes: Study

The report meanwhile did not rule out transmission through frozen food - Beijing's favoured theory - since the virus appears to be able survive at freezing temperatures, saying that"introduction via cold/ food chain products is considered possible".

Finally, the report examined the idea of a lab leak from, for instance, the Wuhan Institute of Virology - a theory promoted by former US president Donald Trump's administration.It pointed to the fact that there was no record of any virus resembling SARS-CoV-2 in any laboratory before December 2019, and stressed high safety levels at the labs in Wuhan.

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1.8 million people have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine: Health minister

A total of 1.2 million people have completed the full vaccination regimen, says Mr Gan Kim Yong.

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