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Commentary: When contemporary art becomes a tool of soft power competition

Commentary: When contemporary art becomes a tool of soft power competition

7/2/2019 1:41:00 AM

Commentary: When contemporary art becomes a tool of soft power competition

The two rising powers in Asia, China and India , are using art as a means to win over investors and the global intelligentsia, says Associate ...

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2 influencers face deportation from Bali over painted-on face mask prank

If period drama Yanxi Palace is gone, what’s the story for Chinese soft power?

Commentary: When your friends become dads and you're still a bachelorAn epiphany of my thirties — I don’t have to lose my friends with children, says the Financial Times' Janan Ganesh. vyshakmv 😀

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Putin shows rare soft spot to rescue Russia's ISIS childrenMOSCOW (BLOOMBERG) - Zalina Gabibulayeva has had five children, four husbands and two jail sentences. All her spouses were Islamist militants who are either dead or in prison, the last two in Syria, where she was among hundreds of women stranded by the war before officials brought her back to Russia.. Read more at

US court blocks San Francisco health warning on soft drink adsSAN FRANCISCO (REUTERS) - A US appeals court on Thursday (Jan 31) blocked a San Francisco law requiring health warnings on advertisements for soft drinks and other sugary drinks in a win to the American beverage industry which fought the requirements in court.. Read more at

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Commentary: We treat the business of death like it’s dirty workIt’s still a long march for Singapore society before we can achieve dignity in death and funerals, says Ang Chin Moh Foundation founder Ang Ziqian.