Covıd-19, Coronavirus, Vaccines

Covıd-19, Coronavirus

Commentary: What happens if people stay unvaccinated? The US shows the answer

Commentary: What happens if people stay unvaccinated? The US shows the answer

1/8/2021 1:39:00 AM

Commentary: What happens if people stay unvaccinated? The US shows the answer

The US has split into “two Americas,” one of the unvaccinated and one of the vaccinated. The differences in deaths and hospitalisations between ...

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Sign me upThe vaccines themselves are nothing short of remarkable in their effectiveness at protecting against COVID-19.Unvaccinated people, by comparison, are extremely susceptible to the coronavirus, particularly to the delta variant and the data on deaths and hospitalizations show this discrepancy clearly.

On Jul 16, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr Rochelle Walensky revealed that 99.5 per cent of recent US deaths from COVID-19 were of unvaccinated people.“Those deaths were preventable with a simple, safe shot,” she said. In Early July, Fauci said that 99.2 per cent of people who died recently were unvaccinated. In the state of Maryland, every patient who died from COVID-19 in June was unvaccinated.

In her Jul 16 statement, Walensky also said that 97 per cent of current COVID-19 hospitalisations are of unvaccinated people.READ: Commentary: Overwhelmed Indonesian hospitals with COVID-19 cases behind high doctor fatalitiesAn earlier analysis done by The Associated Press found that 98.9 per cent of all hospitalised COVID-19 patients in May were unvaccinated. The director of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services recently stated that all new hospitalised COVID-19 patients in Los Angeles were unvaccinated.

A TALE OF TWO STATESIt is hard to find data about overall cases among unvaccinated compared with vaccinated individuals. This results partly from the CDC’s transition in May 2021 to focusing on hospitalisations of COVID-19 vaccine recipients rather than cases.

But one way to get at this data is to compare two states with large differences in vaccination rates. As the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 surges across the US, one can observe the consequences of this split into a vaccinated and unvaccinated America in real time.

A patient with assistance for breathing in Missouri, US. (File photo: AP)In the state of Missouri, only 40 per cent of people are vaccinated. In some counties within Missouri, as few as 14.7 per cent of the residents are vaccinated. Not surprisingly, the state has seen a surge in COVID-19 cases through the middle of July, with 2,000 to 3,000 new cases per day.

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The rate of spread is also increasing. Already, some hospitals are running out of ventilators and intensive care beds.Contrast this with Massachusetts, where 63 per cent of people are fully vaccinated. Though the state is also seeing an increase in cases, total new infections numbered only around 200 to 300 per day.

The number of patients hospitalised with COVID-19 in Massachussetts is also down 95 per cent since January 2021.As of Jul 20, Missouri had 1,357 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, almost 13 times more than the 106 patients in Massachusetts. This is despite Missouri’s having a slightly smaller population that is much more dispersed.

READ: Commentary: What’s behind no-shows in vaccination centres across Malaysia?DOES IT MATTER IF PEOPLE STAY UNVACCINATED?Ultimately, with a large portion of the US population still unvaccinated, COVID-19 is not going to disappear in the near future. The US will continue to see outbreaks of the virus in communities with low vaccine uptake.

Even if people in these undervaccinated areas rush to get shots when outbreaks happen, it takes about a month for vaccination to produce strong immunity.As long as SARS-CoV-2 is circulating in the US, unvaccinated people will continue to experience the full, dangerous clinical effects of COVID–19. But in addition, while the virus spreads among the unvaccinated, it will also continue spreading at a low level to vaccinated individuals.

Though most of those infections will not progress to severe COVID-19, according to the CDC, as of mid-July more than 5,000 vaccinated people, mostly over 65 years old, had been hospitalised and 1,000 had died.These numbers are of course sad, but they pale in comparison to hospitalisations and deaths among the unvaccinated population.

The vaccines are doing exactly what they were designed to do: Prevent severe COVID-19 with amazing efficiency.With vaccines free and widely available, for most people in the US, it is a choice: Do you want to be part of the unvaccinated America or the vaccinated one?

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Why do we want USA datas when we already got datas from WHO and from around the world ? We knew what's coming ...... This is good news. The data from the US, with such a large population sample, should be relatively accurate in what will happen in Singapore for vaccinated folks. Perhaps Covid will continue to be a problem until all unvaxed ppl die.

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