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Commentary: TraceTogether and SafeEntry were never foolproof in averting recent fishery port and KTV clusters

Commentary: TraceTogether and SafeEntry were never foolproof in averting recent fishery port and KTV clusters

25/7/2021 1:30:00 AM

Commentary: TraceTogether and SafeEntry were never foolproof in averting recent fishery port and KTV clusters

Don’t blame the technology. COVID-19 control technology depends on the cooperation of citizens to be fully effective, says SMU Professor Mark Findlay.

.Though its use is mandatory, there is also nothing stopping someone from turning off the bluetooth on their phone after they have scanned at the entry point thus disabling the tracing capacity.The token on the other hand remains active but it too must be engaged by close contact with a reader, which may not be presented when entering the lounge.

Singapore preparing to deal with ‘5,000 new Covid-19 cases a day or maybe more’: Lawrence Wong 1,647 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore; increase in number of patients who are hospitalised, need oxygen support Tuas fatal explosion: Firm paying deceased workers’ salaries to their families, ‘does not intend to stop’, says director

Once inside, if the proprietor allows customers to associate in violation of safe distancing and minimum occupancy protocols, and condones risky personal activity between customers and hostesses, where "butterflying” from one room to another exacerbates the risk of infection and spread, then tracing and tracking cannot identify these violations.

AdvertisementREAD: Vice activities by some Vietnamese in Singapore not representative of residents here: Embassy officialSome KTV patrons may have complied and left TraceTogether on. However, pursuing these affected patrons via digital contact tracing will do two things: Expose the extent to which such surveillance technology is unable to uncover uncooperative patrons, and more importantly cause strain among family members unaware of the visit to these establishments, for reasons other than having “food and beverage”.

But once authorities have identified patrons, this information can be supplemented by wider testing and the use of additional pandemic surveillance methods such as wastewater surveillance to draw a larger circle and test people living in the vicinity of suspected cases to respond more swiftly.

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Sign me upA CHAIN OF TRANSMISISON AT THE MARKETSThe fishery port cluster also shows the limitations of technology. Securing the entire chain of supply assumes enforcement of strict TraceTogether regimens starting at the docks.Delivering fish to wet markets means one person could easily spread an infection to many fishmongers, who in turn come into contact with many patrons.

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Popular wet markets (like Geylang Serai Market, Chong Pang Market and Food Centre) and supermarkets have had to deploy additional control measures since last year on occasion to manage crowds. Read more: CNA »

Covid-19: People with positive rapid-test result to self-isolate for 3 days; test kits at 100 vending machines from Sept 18

Complacency n incompetent in managing the recent convid 19 outbreak. Absolutely useless people from the task force in managing the situation Why give people a choice to check-in and check-out? It works on blue tooth, would have been easier to check how many interactions and reach out to them. TraceTogether epic fail In May: “supermarkets that are located within a mall and have the same operating hours as the mall will no longer need to implement SafeEntry, now that the TT coverage is widened” Now: SafeEntry enforced for supermarkets, hawkers, markets, mall checkout

Point of TT wasn't to avert the clusters though... It was meant to track and isolate cases right. Thus limiting the spread by making contact tracing easier instead of letting the virus spread more if it takes longer to do contact tracing. Any rule is only as good as it’s enforcement the pap regime sold their; they pay themselves millions because they are the best at what they do and are 'top scholars' who knows the best way to rule singapore, to voters then comes all these loopholes fiasco and kena lobang for multiple routes for virus to 'slip in undetected'

Overall its Complacency cost us dear I know why TT not effective for KTV cases , obvious reasons , but Jurong Fishery Port cannot be excuse , Safe Entry Management not to standard . Trace together is for the purpose, when there is a infected case , to trace and prevent spread. If we have people refusing to wear mask then we have to accept that there are people who do not want to be trace.

When the token is out of battery and you have to go to the hassle go change it. Troublesome

127 new locally transmitted Covid-19 cases in Singapore, including 75 linked to Jurong Fishery Port cluster; 5 traced to KTV clubswe can add new cluster waiting to happen with the funeral procession today. why no social distancing ambassador there? Those who enabled that 200 people gathering should be arrested. People are contracting the virus and yet lives are not taken seriously at a funeral. the irony

75 of 127 new local COVID-19 cases in Singapore linked to Jurong Fishery Port clusterThe Ministry of Health (MOH) on Saturday (24 July) reported 130 new cases of COVID-19 infection in Singapore, taking the country's total case count to 64,054.

127 new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases in Singapore, with 75 linked to Jurong Fishery PortSINGAPORE: Singapore reported 127 new locally transmitted COVID-19 infections as of noon on Saturday (Jul 24), including 75 cases linked to the ... Chances of getting covid-19 infection is higher among those vaccinated with mRNA than those without vaccination. But vaccination prevents severe illness and hospitalization. However, mutation of virus into stronger strain on those vaccinated is possible. 天天都有未接種的老人家被確診? 不接种疫苗的结果

Of 133 new COVID cases, 84 linked to Jurong Fishery Port and KTVsThe Ministry of Health (MOH) on Friday (23 July) confirmed 133 new COVID-19 cases in Singapore, taking the country's total case count to 63,924.

Man charged with multiple offences over running unlicensed KTV outlet during COVID-19 pandemicSINGAPORE: A man was charged with multiple offences on Friday (Jul 23) after he allegedly ran an unlicensed KTV outlet that had 15 customers in May. $10000 fine

Covid-19: Man charged with running unlicensed KTV outlet, supplying alcohol to 15 people