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Hong Kong Protests, Hong Kong

Commentary: How a leaderless movement in Hong Kong went haywire

Commentary: How a leaderless movement in Hong Kong went haywire


Commentary: How a leaderless movement in Hong Kong went haywire

The outbreak of violence at the Hong Kong Airport has raised difficult questions about the protesters’ moral authority and the movement’s ability ...

This line of thinking, which pits protesters against everyone else who doesn’t support their mantra that the ends justify the means, is dangerous. It is this kind of strategy that will inevitably lead to two major consequences.

, which, worryingly, include arson and the use of petrol bombs on the part of the radical wing, or disavowed those responsible, the movement as a whole risks being tarnished by the actions of those few. This dynamic risks further damaging the protesters’ moral authority.

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To me, the line must be drawn at basic human decency. Take a recent example: Some protesters besieging and vandalising a number of disciplined services quarters that accommodate off-duty police officers and their families.

It is sad to see innocent women and children getting threats like these simply because of their husband or father’s occupation.

No matter what sacred ideology we hold dear, or how resentful we might be of others who don’t share ours, we need to focus on our essential common humanity and rethink the use of violence to achieve our ends.

Here is one more worry I have. As the protests in Hong Kong have become so decentralised, nobody appears to be in a position to accept a negotiated compromise and call off street protests. Nobody is taking responsibility to condemn what the few bad apples have done in their name.

Protesters try to occupy the departures hall during another demonstration at Hong Kong's international airport on Aug 13, 2019. (Photo: AFP/Philip Fong)

Unfortunately, it seems protesters have left out of the protests these most crucial ingredients to preserve moral authority.

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Operations resume at Hong Kong airport after protests: Authorities HONG KONG : Operations resumed at Hong Kong airport early on Tuesday (Aug 13) morning, airport authorities said, with flights expected to begin ...

Canadian PM Trudeau urges China to show restraint in Hong KongOTTAWA (AFP) - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday (Aug 12) urged China to be 'very careful' in how it responds to pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong and to heed their 'legitimate' demands.. Read more at straitstimes.com. none of his biz INDEED.

Hong Kong airport protest shutdown tarnishes city's business image HONG KONG (AP) - Mass flight cancellations at Hong Kong 's airport disrupted one of the world's busiest air-transport hubs on Monday (Aug 12), causing chaos for tourists and business travellers and playing havoc with global airlines' flight schedules - a fresh escalation of the city's protest movement that threatens the Asian city's business-friendly image.. Read more at straitstimes.com. Carrie lam need to step down. could never happen in Singapore 🤫 They are fighting for freedom. That’s more important right now

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Flights resume at Hong Kong airport after protests HONG KONG : Flights resumed at Hong Kong airport a day after a massive pro-democracy rally there forced the shutdown of the busy international ...

Flights resume at Hong Kong airport after protestsFlights resumed Tuesday at Hong Kong airport a day after a massive pro-democracy rally there forced the shutdown of the busy international transport hub. The abrupt shutdown of one of the world's busiest hubs came after thousands of black-clad demonstrators flooded the airport for a peaceful rally

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