Cinereous vulture in S'pore flies away for real, a free bird again

Soar, my friend!

12/1/2022 6:37:00 AM

Cinereous vulture in S'pore flies away for real, a free bird again

Soar, my friend!

Free in the wild, still in SingaporeIn a joint statement toMothership, the National Parks Board (NParks) and Mandai Wildlife Group updated that the Cinereous Vulture was observed to be eating well and was regaining its health.As part of the vulture’s rehabilitation, it was allowed to fly at around noon on Monday (Jan. 10).

The vulture flew and gained height before landing at a nearby farm initially.It then took off and was last seen flying over the canopy of a forest a distance away.This was the third release attempt thus far.Photo by NParks.NParks added that it will continue to monitor the area until the vulture is able to continue its journey to its wintering grounds.


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