Mulan, Animated Film

Mulan, Animated Film

China's new animated film will be 'most realistic portrayal' of Mulan

The animated film goes by the title 'Kung Fu Mulan'.

18/9/2020 2:00:00 PM

The animated film goes by the title 'Kung Fu Mulan '.

No word on international release yet but the film will open in China next month

Now China is all set to release yet another movie based on Mulan, this time as an animated film that goes by the title"Kung Fu Mulan" reported that the domestically-produced film will open in China this 3 October, in conjunction with the National Day of the People's Republic of China.

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With many Chinese citizens left disgruntled by the recent live-action version from Disney, which opened to mixed response in China and brought in only US$23.2 million on its opening weekend there, the upcoming animated film could fare better.This is especially since the film is touted as the most realistic portrayal of Mulan. Judging by the title, there will be plenty of kung fu showcased. It is also said that her character will be more developed compared to other adaptations.

Mulan's tale, of how she disguised herself as a man to take her aged father's place in the army, is immortalised in the folk song"The Ballad of Mulan", which is the basis of many adaptations – from stage to movies to video games.The earliest Mulan films were released in the 1920s and many more soon followed, with the most popular being Disney's 1998 animated version. There's been a resurgence in Mulan films lately, with five released in 2020 alone, four of these from China.

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If you want to watch Mulan in Mandarin, you can do so in these Singapore theatresThe new dubbed version will be shown from Sep 18, with Liu Yifei, Jet Li and Gong Li lending their voices.

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