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China, Russia undermine international Myanmar response, EU's top diplomat says

China, Russia undermine international Myanmar response, EU's top diplomat says

11/4/2021 3:19:00 PM

China, Russia undermine international Myanmar response, EU's top diplomat says

BRUSSELS: The European Union's top diplomat said on Sunday (Apr 11) that Russia and China were hampering a united international response to ...

China and Russia both have ties to Myanmar's armed forces, as the largest and second-largest suppliers of weapons to the country, respectively.The United Nations Security Council last week called for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and others detained by the military, but stopped short of condemning the coup.

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The EU is preparing fresh sanctions on individuals, as well as companies owned by the Myanmar military. The bloc in March agreed on a first set of sanctions on 11 individuals linked to the coup, including the commander-in-chief of the military.Advertisement

While EU economic leverage in the country is relatively small, Borrell said the EU could offer to increase its economic ties with Myanmar if democracy is restored. That could include more trade and investments in sustainable development, he said.EU foreign direct investment in Myanmar totalled US$700 million in 2019, compared with US$19 billion from China.

The military says it staged the coup because an election won by Aung San Suu Kyi’s party last November was rigged. The election commission has dismissed the assertion. Read more: CNA »

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You're well done The only way to handle a punk is to stand up to him. It is time to show them that the free world will no longer tolerate this behavior. Fire one over the bow. Brutal military junta using air strike to kill civilians in ethnic minorities regions. This is so inhumane. No fly zone must be quickly declared & International military intervention is urgently needed. R2PNowForMyanmar WhatsHappeningInMyanmar WeSupportCRPH

WhatsHappeningInMyanmar CondemnDeathPenalty Not that much surprised that China & Russia are blocking the stronger acts to help ending the Dictatorship in Myanmar while they are even blocking & doing unjust treatments to their own citizens. Apr11Coup WhatsHappeningInMyanmar OpCCP Not US,UK and EU undermine? And...

Next time if myanmar rebuild their nation, they ought to vote out china. Tamwe, Yangon: 3 trucks full of terrorists are attacking Myaukmyaung Seiktathukha street. Barging in the apartments, vandalizing windows with catapults & threatening people to off the light. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Apr11Coup Don’t give up keep going on

We don't accept crime. We reject military coup and the supporters who support the military that killed it's unarmed civilians. Stop supporting terrorist group. We against Coup. Nointernet WestandwithCRPH

Russia and China thwarting international response to Myanmar crisis: EURussia and China are frustrating the international response to the Myanmar crisis, a top European Union diplomat said Sunday, as the death toll from a military crackdown climbed past 700.

We Don't Need & Want Russia & China MFA_China mfa_russia KremlinRussia_E Get Out From Myanmar tw // light Let the stars shine from the ground. Civillians across Mandalay participated in the FlashStrike to show their unity and resistance against military dictatorship. Apr11Coup WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

Myanmar Celebrate Flash Light Strikes in Nation wide.R2PNowForMyanmar rejectmilitarydictatorship WeWantDemocracy They only minds their profits. Not our freedom. It's Sad but it's TRUE. Only peace will bring progress to the country. Myanmar people need to have patience. Economic growth will bring progress and improve the livelihood of the people. Democracy can't bring you food to the table.

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China, Russia undermine international Myanmar response, EU's top diplomat saysBRUSSELS (Reuters) -The European Union's top diplomat said on Sunday Russia and China were hampering a united international response to Myanmar 's military coup and that the EU could offer more economic incentives if democracy returns to the country. 'It comes as no surprise that Russia and China are blocking the attempts of the U.N. Security Council, for example to impose an arms embargo,' EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said in a blog post. As a verified media, you should not be such ridiculous. So you means if NDL seize power, Myanmar does not need army and weapons, right? Western countries can arbitrary invade Myanmar to exploit resources. See Iraq, Libya, lol

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EU slams 'manipulation' of vaccine info by China, RussiaBeijing promoted its vaccines as 'more suitable for developing countries', while deploying 'misleading narratives' about the safety of Western vaccines and even on the origin of the coronavirus, the EU report said. Sam AI-Shamma,Intel staff, Flight experience's owner, he causes me PTSD left without taking any responsibility.

US and Britain tell China and Russia: The West is not over yet呵呵!

Report: China, Russia fueling QAnon conspiracy theoriesForeign-based actors, principally in China and Russia, are helping fuel a movement that has become a mounting domestic terrorism threat, according to a report provided to Yahoo News.