China orders overseas mail disinfection over Omicron fears

Chinese officials suggested that some people could have been infected by packages from abroad.

China, İnternational Mail

18/1/2022 8:00:00 AM

Chinese officials suggested that some people could have been infected by packages from abroad.

China 's postal service has ordered workers to disinfect international deliveries and urged the public to reduce orders from overseas after authorities claimed mail could be the source of recent coronavirus outbreaks .

But the country is now battling multiple small outbreaks, including one in Beijing as the capital prepares to host the Winter Olympics.In recent days, Chinese officials have suggested that some people could have been infected by packages from abroad, including a woman in Beijing whom authorities said had no contact with other infected people but tested positive for a variant similar to those found in North America.

China Post on Monday published a statement ordering workers to disinfect the outer packaging of all international mail "as soon as possible" and requiring employees handling foreign letters and packages to receive booster vaccine shots.The postal service also asked the public to reduce purchases and deliveries from "countries and regions with a high overseas epidemic risk" and said domestic mail should be handled in different areas to prevent cross-contamination.

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