Vaccine, Vaccınes

Vaccine, Vaccınes

China disciplines 80 officials linked to major vaccine scandal

#China disciplines 80 officials linked to major #vaccine scandal

2/2/2019 6:17:00 PM

China disciplines 80 officials linked to major vaccine scandal

BEIJING (AFP) - China's corruption watchdog on Saturday (Feb 2) said it has disciplined more than 80 officials linked to a major vaccine scandal last summer that inflamed public fears over the safety of domestically produced drugs.. Read more at

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Not desirable to move ministers after less than a year, but situation ‘can’t be helped’: PM Lee

SINGAPORE — It is not desirable to give Cabinet ministers short stints in their portfolios owing to the disruption it can cause, but such moves are sometimes necessary, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Friday (April 23).

The story of homegrown bak kwa specialist Lim Chee Guan goes back 80 years

Beijing hails 'important progress' in US-China trade talksBEIJING - Beijing has hailed the 'important progress' made at this week's trade talks between China and the United States, which it said were 'frank, specific and constructive'.. Read more at

Increased optimism on US-China talks: ExpertsThe United States and China are getting closer towards reaching a possible trade deal, and experts said they are increasingly optimistic such an outcome will be reached before the end of the trade war truce on March 1.. Read more at

Aedes mosquito population down 80 per cent in Nee Soon East cluster after release of sterile male mozziesSINGAPORE - The population of dengue-carrying mosquitoes in Nee Soon East and Tampines West has been cut by at least half after the release of sterile male mosquitoes, which produces eggs that cannot hatch. And this success will see the scheme, labelled Project Wolbachia after the genetically modified males, expanded to wider areas in the two estates.. Read more at You need to improve on your editing and on your biology: '... cut by at least half after the release of sterile male mosquitoes, which produces eggs that cannot hatch.' You do know that males can't produce eggs, right? :-)

China eyes easing foreign investment rules ahead of US trade talksBEIJING (AFP) - Foreign investors in China would be treated largely the same as local rivals under a revised draft law, state media said on Tuesday (Jan 29), as Beijing looks to address a key concern in its trade war with the US.. Read more at

Canadian drug trafficker has likely appealed China death sentence: LawyerBEIJING (AFP) - A Canadian sentenced to death in China for drug trafficking likely appealed the ruling Monday (Jan 28), his lawyer said, in a case that has further strained relations between Ottawa and Beijing.. Read more at

Chinese 'underground' bishop gains official recognition: State mediaBEIJING (AFP) - A bishop from China's 'underground' Catholic church is slated to step up as the official state-backed clergyman for a diocese in central China, state-run media reported, amid a thaw in relations between Beijing and the Holy See.. Read more at

All the presidents' negotiators: Who are the key figures in the US-China high-level trade talksWASHINGTON/BEIJING (AFP) - The next round of US-China trade talks will resume on Wednesday (Jan 30) and Thursday in Washington to try to find a way out of the tariff battle between the two powers.. Read more at

US calls for Russian, Chinese nuclear transparencyBEIJING (AFP) - The United States called for more transparency on Wednesday (Jan 30) as it accused Russia and China of not fully reporting their nuclear programmes amid US threats to withdraw from a key arms control treaty.. Read more at

Wife of jailed Taiwan activist condemns China visitation banTAIPEI (AFP) - The wife of a Taiwanese democracy activist jailed in China condemned Beijing on Tuesday (Jan 29) after she was banned from visiting him in prison for three months in a case that has strained cross-strait ties.. Read more at