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Children with mild COVID-19 may not develop antibodies; oral vaccine booster shows promise in monkey study

Children who contract a mild case of COVID-19 may not develop antibodies to the virus afterward, a study from Australia suggests.

23/10/2021 6:00:00 PM

Children who contract a mild case of COVID-19 may not develop antibodies to the virus afterward, a study from Australia suggests.

Children who contract a mild case of COVID-19 may not develop antibodies to the virus afterward, a study from Australia suggests. Researchers compared 57 children and 51 adults with mild COVID-19 or asymptomatic infections. Only 37% of children appeared to develop antibodies, compared to 76% of adults – even though viral loads were similar in the two groups, researchers found.

Experimental oral COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in monkeysA COVID-19 booster vaccine that can be given by mouth to people who already have antibodies from vaccination or prior infection has yielded promising results in monkeys and is likely to be tested soon in humans, according to the company developing it. The oral booster uses traditional vaccine technology in which a harmless carrier virus delivers coronavirus proteins into cells on the surface of the tongue, or lining of the cheeks and throat, stimulating production of antibodies that can block the virus before it gets a foothold in the body, said Dr. Stephen Russell, chief executive of Vyriad in Rochester, Minnesota, who led the study. "Not only would an oral COVID-19 vaccine be more convenient and acceptable... but it might also lead to better immunity because it is being administered to the site where the COVID-19 virus typically comes into the body," he added. In monkeys at one week after vaccinations, antibody levels increased by nearly 100-fold, with no side effects, Russell said. A report of the study posted on Monday on bioRxiv ahead of peer review says Vyriad is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to plan human trials.

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Story continuesPlants may be useful in vaccine productionPlants could someday be used to produce COVID-19 vaccines, according to researchers who are developing a nasal spray vaccine. Vaccines work by delivering antigens, which are replicas of pieces of virus or bacteria that train the immune system to recognize the invader and defend against it. Vaccine antigens are typically produced in cells from mammals, but previous studies have suggested that producing them in tobacco-related Nicotiana benthamiana plants would be less expensive and safer. In the current lab study, posted on Monday on bioRxiv ahead of peer review, COVID-19 survivors' antibodies recognized and responded to the coronavirus antigen produced in the plants "in the same way that they recognize a standard antigen produced in mammalian cells," said study leader Allyson MacLean of the University of Ottawa. The intra-nasal vaccine is not meant to replace conventional (injected) vaccines, but rather to add another layer of protection by stimulating immune system protection in the airways, where the virus first attaches itself," MacLean said. "We imagine the nasal-spray being used to top-up immune protection when traveling or going to events with large numbers of people."

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SINGAPORE — Singapore and Malaysia will launch a vaccinated travel lane (VTL) by land on Monday (Nov 29) via the Causeway, but under the first phase of the scheme, travellers must be citizens, permanent residents or long-term pass holders of the country that they are entering.

Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine shows 90.7% efficacy in trial in childrenNEW YORK (Reuters) -The Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine showed 90.7% efficacy against the coronavirus in a clinical trial of children 5 to 11 years old, the U.S. drugmaker said on Friday. Sixteen children in the trial who had received a placebo got COVID-19, compared with 3 who were vaccinated, Pfizer said in briefing documents submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Because more than twice as many children in the 2,268-participant trial were given the vaccine than placebo, that equates to better than 90% efficacy. Being cancer-stricken and begging CPF Board to repay overdue debt; that which in any case cannot be done as the money had been commingled and funneled to private entity Temasek Holdings for Ho Ching to wager on unviable, untenable and ultimately, invariably doomed gambles

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