Budapest names streets at planned Chinese university after Uighurs, Hong Kong

Budapest names streets at planned Chinese university after Uighurs, Hong Kong

3/6/2021 1:46:00 PM

Budapest names streets at planned Chinese university after Uighurs, Hong Kong

BUDAPEST — The liberal opposition mayor of Budapest announced on Wednesday (June 2) he would rename streets in the Hungarian capital near a planned campus of a Chinese university to commemorate alleged human rights abuses by Beijing.

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Permission to Dance? BTS sing their way through United Nations

NEW YORK — Fully vaccinated South Korean band BTS danced its way through the United Nations (UN) in a Monday (Sept 20) broadcast, promoting global goals tackling poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change ahead of the annual UN gathering of world leaders.

Hong Kong's June 4th Museum temporarily closes over licensing probeHONG KONG: Hong Kong's June 4th Museum, dedicated to commemorating the victims of China's 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in and around ... kerokero_HKer HongKonger is resisting the evil CCP Chinazi & its shameless puppets for long time.. So much pain, PoliceBrutality, Exhausted & Traumatized.. but HKer is not going to give up hope, justice & humanright.. HongKongProtester HongKongNeedsHelp FreeHK Free47 StandWithHK kerokero_HKer Hongkonger & our friends are under HumanitarianCrisis now :( Pls dont give up HK in this big crisis, HKer not surrender! Still fighting for justice, HumanRight & democracy! Dear world, StandWithHK! SOSHK FreeHK save12hkyouth HongKongNeedsHelp CCP is abusing the National security law attempted to threaten us not to oppose the regime and destroyed our democracy. Obviously we lost out freedom of protest or assembly already, and not gonna back again StandWithHongKong

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Hong Kong authorises COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 12 and aboveHONG KONG: Hong Kong will open its COVID-19 vaccination programme to children aged 12 and above for the first time, the government said on ... 问题是12岁以下的小孩子感染之后,也会传染的哦。

Hong Kong authorises Covid-19 vaccine for 12-year-olds and above