Around 60% of HIV-positive Singaporeans affected by data leak 'successfully reached': MOH

Around 60% of HIV-positive Singaporeans affected by data leak 'successfully reached': MOH.

31/1/2019 3:31:00 AM

Around 60% of HIV-positive Singaporeans affected by data leak 'successfully reached': MOH.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has reached out to about 60 per cent of 3,500 HIV-positive Singaporeans who are affected by the data leak as of Wednesday (30 January) afternoon.

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Singaporeans blast MOH for “covering up” HIV registry leak for yearsAmong the voices of fellow outraged Singaporeans , veteran journalist Bertha Henson has asserted that MOH’s handling of the HIV registry leak seemed like it was meant to “cover up” the...

Singapore's HIV data leak: 5 burning questions to ask MOH and othersTwo days after Singapore's Ministry of Health (MOH) publicly announced that there had been a massive leak of confidential data from its HIV Registry some two-and-a-half years earlier and worse, that the data had made its way online, burning questions still remain over the scandal. LOL. So this is the doctor n its partner. Eew in caps, bold, underlined, highlighted, blinking, strobed n 3D.

'It's very traumatic': HIV-positive individuals anxious, frustrated after MOH data leakSome people affected by the leak of HIV records in Singapore called the Action for AIDS hotline in tears, one of its representatives says. 'It’s not just 14,200 people, it’s not just figures. It’s the number of lives affected.' Leak of HIV records already happened. No point shed tears. Nothing can be undone. What needs to be done is hold those directly or indirectly involved, responsible and accountable for it. Make cock sure a system is developed where such kind of incident must not happen again. Wow, now we knew 14k quite a big number. This is v complicated. Mr GAN, I don’t know what to say.

COMMENT: HIV data leak - What is your excuse now, MOH?Barely three weeks after it accepted a Committee of Inquiry’s (COI) recommendations for improving cybersecurity, MOH revealed another staggering leak: that the personal details of 14,200 HIV-positive patients have been disclosed online by an American conman. This marks three major incidents under Health so d minister leak d data? or the ppl that HR employ leak data? They just don't know how to take precaution, that guy resigned in 2014, why he still can access the server. Gan is definitely sleeping in his job.

Ex-WP NCMP Gerald Giam blasts MOH over “most disturbing and sickening” HIV Registry data theftAsking why it took MOH more than 2 years to inform affected individuals, ex-WP NCMP Gerald Giam also questioned how a doctor can download the records of 14,200 patients since he is an end-user of the system and not an administrator of the server. Die lah kanna 'Gan' Sack him! No less!

Fear, anger among HIV-positive individuals after news of MOH data leakwater is wet

Confidential information of 14,200 individuals with HIV ‘illegally disclosed online’: MOH

Confidential information regarding 14,200 individuals diagnosed with HIV leaked: MOHThe confidential information is now in the hands of a foreigner who was in trouble with the law for numerous fraud and drug-related offences. After serving 28 months imprisonment, he was deported out of Singapore.

HIV-positive status of 14,200 people in Singapore leaked online by American fraudster: MOHThe HIV-positive status of 14,200 people, and their identification numbers and contact details have been leaked online by an American fraudster, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Monday (28 January). The records belonged to 5,400 Singaporeans diagnosed with HIV up to January 2013 and 8,800 foreigners

Confidential information of 14,200 individuals with HIV ‘illegally disclosed online’: MOHOh ! This is serious How about this now? Who head should roll now?